President Obama is not the only one who believes that the Chi-town artist – and for this, I use that term loosely – Kanye West is a jacka**. This guitarist, singer, and songwriter has an opinion about West, and it includes talentless and poser in its description.

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This is going to cause quite a stir … for Kanye West, especially.

Friday [June 26], David Crosby spoke with HuffPost Live, and the topic of Kanye came up. “Kanye West can’t write, sing or play, so I have trouble with him as anything but a poser,” he says.

While the show’s host came to the “All Day” rapper’s side with a, “he can produce” comment, Crosby was not hearing it. “That means he sits in a chair while the engineer does the work. He’s a poser. I’m not backing off it.”

Well hell, what did he ever do to you?

Of course the HuffPost Live host is not Kanye’s only fan. Crosby has been receiving Twitter backlash for comments he made last week. “People raging at me on Twitter, and I don’t care,” he said to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I think the guy’s an idiot! What can I tell you?”

The hate is real ladies and gentlemen.

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