Robin Thicke recently revealed in an interview that maybe his very grand and very public attempts to win back his now ex-wife Paula Patton were not the best idea. During his interview with The New York Times he shared that he is now embarrassed by the ‘Paula’ album and explains exactly where his head was during that rough period in his life. Hit the jump to see more of what he had to say.

Back in 2014 during the BET awards, in the midst of being separated from his wife Paula Patton, Robin Thicke dedicated his song ‘Forever Love’ to her as one of his many public apology attempts. After the awards one of his friends gave him a pretty serious critique that opened his eyes to his new reality. Thicke explains, “I came home, and my best friend of 20 years, Craig Crawford, said, ‘I saw your BET performance,'” he continued, “And I said: ‘Oh yeah! What did you think?’ You know — excited. And he goes: ‘I gotta be honest with you, buddy. You’re kind of playing yourself. You look like a sucker.’ And it hit me that I’d lost my perspective.”

The 38 year-old singer was doing everything he could to win back his wife after they announced their separation. He even went as far as to release an album named ‘Paula’ despite his label’s advice against it.

He said,

“What I thought was romantic was just embarrassing…So I shut everything down. I took some time off to be with my son, and to be with my family and close friends. And the more time I took off, the more everything became clear.”

According to Thicke his intentions were to make this album like any other he had put out and make sure it was relatable to his life. In his own defense he said, “Look, my songwriting has always been autobiographical, and always will be,” he continued, “The Paula album was no different. I was struggling through my toughest time, and I decided to share it.”

Looking back now the only thing Thicke says he would have done differently, would have been not to sell and promote the album. He would have just given it away, especially since the album flopped.

He also admitted struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and said for most of the time he was promoting and interviewing for his hit Blurred Lines he was on drugs and drinking.

He said,

“The ego is a very dangerous place. I was supposed to be living the dream, and yet I was in a nightmare because of a crumbling marriage,”…”I had finally reached the pinnacle of success — on paper, I had it all. But I wasn’t happy. And so you start grasping for something else to make you happy. Drugs and alcohol became a way for me to cope. And then you start saying things in interviews, desperate for a little extra attention. And then it becomes a sympathy tour.”

Despite his embarrassment Thick has moved on and is currently dating young model April Love Geary.

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