An 8-year old entrepreneur from Queens, New York, is working her young hands to the bone to try and become a mega superstar in the business world.

Lyla Black, founder of Lyla Tov Monsters, at the age of 3 told her Mom, Erin, that she wanted to give her Dad, Eric, a monster to protect him against under-the-bed monsters. Her Mother, who’s a wardrobe designer for the Muppets, encouraged Lyla to use the materials from her workshop to bring her ideas into fruition.

So, Lyla put together a stuffed animal and the family thought she had something significant. And she did !

An 8-Year Old Entrepreneur An Inspiration For Everyone

Lyla says “Momma would do all the cutting and sewing, me and Daddy would do all the stuffing.”

Lyla won the Young Inventor award at the Toy & Game Inventor of the Year Award in Chicago last year and sold 2,000 units.


Since then, the family has begun a Kickstarter campaign that garnered $20,000, which allowed them to move production to China.

An 8-Year Old Entrepreneur An Inspirational For Everyone

While her parents admit that they’ve helped, they say the credit goes to Lyla. Says Eric, “She had the idea. We followed along.”