Papoose is readying himself for major things. The Bed-Stuy rapper is ready to dive head-first into the realm of reality television. Last week, news broke that he and wife Remy Ma would join the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York, and while they display what ‘black [hip-hop] love’ is all about, Pap will get the chance to showcase more of his lyrical talents; talents such as “The Plug,” “Mobbing” and “Michael Jackson.” All of which will appear on his upcoming, You Can’t Stop Destiny.

Pap spoke with AllHipHop about the July 17th release, and more. Check down bottom.

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As fans gear themselves up to listen to You Can’t Stop Destiny, Pap clues them in on what to expect from the project. Expressing that he’s, “just sending the message out that you might have ambitious goals to accomplish and certain people may try to get in your way,” however, for those people “that are on the hating side, you can’t stop destiny.” He makes the message clear with the album cover. “I was young, I was still on my Hip Hop s**t. That’s what I was destined to do. At the end of the day, can’t nobody stop that.” [Hand Clap].

With nothing holding him back, the interviewer asked Papoose if “Illuminati,” from the upcoming album was directed towards Jay Z, Pap made any previous statements from old interviews clear.

As far as me taking shots at him, I did an interview. At the very end of the interview the guy’s asking me, “Do you think you’re the best?” I said, “Of course I am.” Who’s not gonna say they’re the best?

He said, “Do you think you’re better than a lot of rappers?” I said, “Yeah.” He asked, “Even Jay Z?” I said, “Yeah.” So he only took that one part of the interview, and made that the headline. When he made that the headline, everybody went crazy like, “Ooh, he said he’s better than Jay Z.” It wasn’t even about him.

That’s when I made the track [“Current Events”] where I rapped, “I said I’m better than Jigga, cause I’m better than Jigga.” You’re supposed to have that confidence and be competitive. People can take it how they wanna take it. I don’t sit around and think about Jay Z. I don’t give a f*ck about that. I’m focusing on my endeavors.

I think we get it. It’s clear.

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