After a thorough investigation it looks like Ariana Grande is getting a free pass on this one. The pop-star was caught on camera licking donuts, that were set to be placed in a display case at a California donut shop. According to police no charges will be filed against her. Read more below.

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Last week Ariana Grande cause quite a commotion after a video surfaced of her online ranting in a donut shop that she hates America and then proceeded to lick the donuts on the counter. Her odd behavior cause a full blown investigation to launched by the police and health department.

The owner of the donut shop has decided not to press charges against Grande, even after her little stunt caused him to go from an A to B rating during health inspection. Grande has since apologized saying she’s still young and will learn from her mistakes. In an apology video she posted online the singer says, “I apologize for my poor choice of words and my behavior,” she added, “Seeing how ugly it looks when you behave a certain way makes you never want to behave that way again. But, you know, you learn from it.”

Do you think Grande should have been charged or is this a ‘you live and you learn’ situation?

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