Action Bronson really doesn’t appreciate it when fans hop on stage during his performances. During his set at The Lovebox Festival in London, a fan got passed security and joined the rapper on stage. It only last about 5 seconds however, because when Bronson saw the fan he punched him and proceeded to throw him off the stage.

Check out the video below.

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While Action Bronson preformed his song ‘Terry’ from the Mr. Wonderful Album, the fan snuck behind the DJ booth and ran out on stage. He was face to face with the Queens native for all over two seconds before he was hit with a quick left hook and being tossed into the crowd.

This isn’t Bronson’s first time experiencing a fan rushing him while on stage. Once in New York he threw a fan off stage and during a show in North Carolina he got into an altercation with a fan.

Check out the video below and the photos in the gallery for a detailed look at the punch.

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