Busta Rhymes Writes Letter to Hip Hop for "Coco"

Busta Rhymes is currently in a New York City jail after doing the unthinkable; throwing a Muscle Milk at someone in the gym! (Okay, so it’s not THAT horrible but still.)

Bussssa Buss was working out at Steel Gym in Manhattan when he got into an argument with another man.

Things began to escalate and he ended up throwing the powdered substance at another man. There’s no conformation whether or not the other man is injured, but Busta got locked up for second degree assault anyways.

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Busta’s lawyer Scott Leemon made a statement regarding the arrest and said, “This is another attempt to take advantage of Busta’s celebrity status.” Leemon said the whole situation is, “a bunch of bull.”

Luckily, Busta was released this morning (Thursday, August 6th).

Moral of the story: KEEP YOUR MUSCLE MILK FOR YOUR WORKOUTS, not for people’s faces!

Source: TMZ