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A White House staffer has been arrested and is facing assault charges firing a shot Capitol Police officer with the cop’s own gun during a lover’s argument. Barvetta Singletary, a special assistant to the president has been placed on unpaid leave and has lost all access to the White House while police investigate the situation.

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According to the police report, around 2:30AM on Friday Singletary texted the Capitol Police began questioning the officer about another woman. The officer refused to answer any of her questions, and was then asked to leave the residence. The two went outside to the officer’s Cadillac Escalade. Singletary got into the vehicle and demanded the officer’s cell phone. When he did not give in she searched his bag, taking out two phones and a .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon and ran back into the home.

The officer followed her back inside and she demanded the passwords to the phones. He again refused and she pointed the gun at him. She said, You taught me how to use this, dont think I wont use it.” She continued to demand the passwords and when he still refused she said, “Your phone is more important than me holding this gun on you?”

At this point the officer was sitting on the couch with about 10 feet between them. Singletary then fired one shot and missed. The officer then fled the home and called the police. Capitol police released a statement saying, “We are investigating the matter mindful of the underlying criminal investigation. Department employees are held to a high standard of conduct and the matter will receive a thorough review consistent with our policies and procedures,”

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