And the drama just continues…Just last week, Chris Brown blasted his baby mama Nia Guzman online saying she’s using their one year-old daughter as a ‘meal ticket.’ Today, Guzman clapped back at Brown saying there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why she needs such a large amount of child support money.

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Nia’s lawyer put out a statement detailing the reasons why Nia is demanding more than $2000 a month for child support.

“Nia is not using Royalty as a pawn. Nia simply wants Chris to do everything a responsible father would do; and that’s to provide protection and safety for his child. We want Chris to pay child support! She’s asking the court to award her the proper child support and she wants significantly more than what Chris is currently paying,” the statement continued, “Royalty needs clothing, food, shelter, and with Royalty being Chris’ daughter, Nia absolutely wants Royalty to have security. You’d be horrified with the life Nia’s forced to live here in Houston. The paparazzi and regular citizens themselves come up to Nia every day while she’s in the grocery store, pumping gas, and even while she’s in the park playing with Royalty. They’re taking pictures, invading their space and Nia is very scared and concerned for Royalty’s safety as well as her own…”

The lawyer also points out that fans get aggressive and make offensive comments towards Nia even when Royalty is around due to the things Chris has said about her in the past online.

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