Aside from his music, we also known Redman for his most notable role in How High and other hilarious cameos. Now a days, the Jersey spitter isn’t a big fan of being the main character in feature films. He’s more interested in being behind the scenes while sitting in the director’s chair. Watch Redman explain his shift to directing after the jump!

Redman sat down with All Hip Hop to talk about his future in directing music videos and movies. Now that he’s getting older, the Muddy Waters MC would rather focus on being on the technical side of the camera. However, his love for directing isn’t anything new. Redman said he first reveal the switch while on set of Erick Sermon’s “React” video.

“I’m getting older,” Redman said. “I don’t wanna be on the camera too much no more. I don’t wanna be an actor. I always wanted to be behind the scenes. I work good. [I’m] better behind the scenes with people. So, I just want to learn. I just want to be able to direct movies. And my guy said he needed video. I can just grab the camera and go shoot his video for free.”

Redman also delivered an update on the long-awaited sequel to Redman and Method Man’s hilarious comedy How High. After meeting with Universal last year in search of the green light to begin production, Red revealed they’ve run into another obstacle.

“The check ain’t signed yet for How High part two,” he said. “So, until it’s signed, that’s when I get happy. I don’t smile no more until the check’s signed. So, I want to be behind the scenes. Any of my guys need something shot, I wanna be on point.”

Watch the interview in full below.

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