The Boy Is Good! Little man, Isaiah Thomas shows that he can really get up during a Drew League game when he gets Trevor Ariza all the way out of here!


I don’t know what it is about summer league basketball but watching it just gets me so amped for the regular NBA season. With that said, we are about 62 days away from the opening tip of the 2015-16 season. But who is counting, right?

With the Drew League, you can definitely count on something crazy going down as the NBA’s best often show off and show out for basketball fans on the west coast. Pro-Am is definitely life out there in the summer and I can’t front, I love NYC summer league basketball but I have to get to the west and watch how they get it in one of these days.

Isaiah Over Trevor…

NBA Champion, Trevor Ariza got sent up out of the gym on that play and that was clear from the crowd’s response! Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas–who is set to have a big upcoming season by the way–showed his bounce by punching an attempted dunk by Trevor.

Where is ESPN Sports Science when you need it?? Just a friendly reminder, Isaiah Thomas is 5’9 and Trevor Ariza is about 6’8! Aside from the athleticism Isaiah showed, lets talk about the balls it took to even attempt to get that dunk out the way!