IFWT_DeSean Jackson

Jaccpot took to Instagram and posted a message to his followers saying women should know their place. That post will definitely grab the attention of many and probably have some label him as a misogynist.


Well, I can definitely see the feminist running with bats and sledge hammers from a mile away. Desean’s latest post is sure to strike a nerve with many women and I’m sure some men as well. In a league that already has a terrible reputation when it comes to how they deal with player’s and their alleged abuse toward women, Jaccpot’s post is sure to add fuel to that fire.

On a more individual note, though, what exactly was Desean referring to? That, we may never know; however, the saying is something that has been around for some time now. “A woman should never try to overpower/overshadow the man and make him feel inferior,” but Beyonce’s movement somewhat struck that idea down. As a man, though, I want my lady to be able to do her own thing–no doubt about that–but I also don’t want to feel like I’m the less dominant one in the relationship either. Call it pride, whatever floats your boat.

The real question is how will Desean’s current lady react to this? LOL! That is going to be an interesting conversation back at the crib for them, I’m sure. We here at #IFWT will definitely be watching for the response that his post gets!