Miley Cyrus was given the job title as the official host for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards this year that went down on August 30th in Downtown Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theater.

To go along with the trippy-theme of last night’s show, Miley’s outfit choices were simply off the chains. I personally felt like I was on drugs the entire show, being that each time she came out, the outfits got more and more bugged out.

However during one of the costume changes, Miley accidentally let her nips show on LIVE TELEVISION!

Not like we haven’t seen her boobs 945894354 times, but this time happened to be a bit more funny than the others because as soon as Twitter got ahold of the screenshot, my TL exploded with Miley’s lady parts.

Check out Miley’s first official MTV nip slip below along with all of her wacky outfits from the show over!

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LOL, our Instagram page is never chillin’ with these videos!

A video posted by IFWTea (@inflexwetrust) on

A video posted by IFWTea (@inflexwetrust) on