Things seem to be getting messy for producer Yung Berg from VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

A woman who goes by the name of @Hairlifemzbebe on the ‘Gram wrote a heart-felt post along side two photos; one of her son and one of Yung Berg. The two look exactly alike, but there is no proof thus far of any type of DNA test (that we know of at least).

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Hairlifemzbebe captioned her photo:

“12 years ago I was blessed with this guy right here! I was 19 and scared but I quickly got passed that and moved into being a mom. His first year he was diagnosed with autism but that didn’t slow us down either. His dad has never been around but that hasn’t stop us either. Now he is going to a regular middle school he very smart by gods works. I’m fortunate to have a great kid! Thank you @hitmaka for giving me such a wonderful kid hopeful soon you’ll want to meet him and be in his life. Cause you don’t know what your missing! #ballerbaby #yungberg #bdayboy #hitmaka tag @hitmaka for me so he can see this since he blocked me!”

Check out the side-by-side photo in the gallery and let us know if you think they look alike.

Future story line on LHH:H orrrrrrrr….