(Photos) Is DeJ Loaf Dating This Rapper?

DeJ Loaf x Lil Durk

DeJ Loaf is blowing up in the music industry thanks to the success of “Try Me”…but it may have her love life blowing up too! The singer/rapper has been exchanging quite a few flirtatious messages with Chicago rapper Lil Durk as of late, and even RT’d a website that posted about their possible relationship. Seems like confirmation right there, though she may just enjoy the conversation being had. I guess time will tell! I think these two are cute together…what do you think?

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(Photo) Uh-Oh! Could Draya Michele Be The Latest Sex Tape Victim?

Draya x David Miranda

Draya Michele seems to be dealing with an Iggy Azalea situation right now. A man by the name of David Miranda, who says he dated the reality star/fashion designer from January 2011 to September 2013, has filed a lawsuit in NYC, claiming that a sex tape that he had with her was “stolen” and he wants to get it back. According to the report, the tape is already being shopped around to various porn companies, and he allegedly wants to “stop it” before it gets there. Riiight. He knows he’s the one that leaked said tape – however, according to Draya, there isn’t even a tape to leak.

Responding to the claims on Instagram, Draya wrote the following:

Nowadays anyone can say anything about anyone and people believe it. Trust me, there’s no tape…. Only clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me.

Her “clever folks figuring out ways to get money out of me” statement has me raising my eyebrows, though. If there were no tape, he’d have no case, thus he would get no money. Hmm! What do you think?

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Could It Be: Beyoncé & Jay Z Renew Their Wedding Vows?!


Rumors of break-up, divorce and children outside of the marriage have plagued the Carters for years now, but it seems as if Jay Z and Beyoncé are working through it.

The couple and Blue Ivy has recently taken time away from the music scene to spend family time in London and Paris – they were even shopping for a new home in Elysee Palace. Rumor mill has it that the two have taken igniting the love flame even further by not just going out for date nights, but by renewing their vows.

Check out the jump for more.

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Could THIS Be The Reason Nicki Minaj And Safaree ‘SB’ Samuels Broke Up!?!


According to Twitter, Nicki Minaj is “single and ready to mingle!” The Queens native reportedly broke things off with long-time hype man/ boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuels, after 14 years together. Things went sour after he failed to show up at one of Nicki’s shows, leaving her struggling to find a hype man last minute.

SB is apparently jealous of Nicki’s extreme success and is getting sick and tired of being in the background. He wants to have his own rap career and being in Nicki’s shadow is preventing him to do so. Things were made obvious when Safaree appeared in public with his tattoos of Nicki were covered up. (That was fast!) Do you think SB’s rapping career will jumpstart or does he need the Nicki Minaj name behind him to succeed in the industry? Drop your comments below.

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(Photos) Rihanna Dines Alone In NYC … PLUS Rumors About Her New Album!

Rihanna dines alone

There has been a lot of chatter about Rihanna’s new album, and if multiple sources are right, we’ll be getting one in just over a month! Various outlets are reporting that Rih’s eighth project will be touching down on November 25, though one site said it will likely be named R8, and another says it’s The Lost Files. The lead single is said to be a DJ Mustard track, and should be dropping within the next couple of weeks. TSR reports that some of the features include Nicki Minaj, Drake and Big Sean…though the Nicki bit seems rather far-fetched considering their total lack of chumminess lately. Either way, I’m excited about the potential new album, as she’s long overdue! Unapologetic dropped 2 years ago!

Hit the gallery to check out pics of Rihanna’s solo dinner – no friends, no entourage – at one of her favorite NYC restaurants, Da Silvano. The Bajan beauty had an entire bottle of wine to herself, so I’m sure she had a great time!

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(Photos) Hmmm: Black Chyna Posts Pic With Mystery Man In Bed… Is It Tyga?!

Blac Chyna on IG

Blac Chyna and Tyga decided to call it quits after four years together and a beautiful baby boy. However, the thick vixen posted some pics onto her IG page with a mysterious tatted up man kissing her. If you ask me, the neck tattoos look JUST like the ones Tyga has but, that’s none of my business though *sips tea with Kermit.*

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(Photos) The Come-Up! Is This Angela Simmons’ New Millionaire Boo?!

Angela Simmons & Knowledge Katti

Welp, so much for Yo Gotti’s WCW, huh? That’s just soaring in the empty skies now, as Angela Simmons reportedly is now dating 40-year-old Namibia native and business mogul, Knowledge Katti. The pair were spotted out on a dinner date on Sunday night, then leaving together in Angela’s whip. This is certainly an upgrade from Bow Wow and even TK, so I’m here for it! More pics in the gallery.

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Tammy Rivera Speaks Out On Waka Flocka’s Gun Charge & Says WHAT?!

Waka and Tammy

There could be a whole new twist to the story of Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame getting knocked in the airport for a gun. Rumor has it that his wifey, Tammy Rivera, is the real owner of the weapon. Tammy tells RumorFix, “It was the craziest day ever.” Being that they have matching MCM bags, Waka apparently got confused and took Tammy’s by mistake. She says, “He thought he took everything out of the bag, but it still had my headphones and my gun.” The gun is leglly registered to Tammy and she’s also licensed to carry. According to her, she had the gun in the backpack to keep it away from her daughter and completely forgot about it. Hmmmm… do we believe Tammy’s story or is she just trying to hold her hubby down?

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Was Trey Songz Making Reference To His Relationship With Lauren London On This Song?

Lauren London x Trey Songz

I can’t help but think Trey Songz may want that old thing back, every time I hear his remix of “Tuesday” with Chris Brown. On Trigga’s opening verse, he sings:

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Could ‘Drake vs. Lil Wayne’ Round 2 Be On The Way?

Drake vs Lil Wayne tour

Drake and Lil Wayne had an amazing tour this summer, going up against each other in a Mortal Combat-style battle from city-to-city around the country. They had an app, provided by Capcom, that allowed fans to vote the “winner” in each city, and ultimately ended in a tie when the tour wrapped in Houston, Texas over the weekend. It was extremely innovative, very lucrative and Drake even called it the “best show” he’s ever been on. With all that said, wouldn’t it make sense for a round 2? But of course!

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