(Photos) Um… Is Wiz Khalifa Wearing Purple Lipstick & Eye Shadow Or Was He Making Out With Rita Ora?!


Rumor has it that British songstress Rita Ora and Taylor Gang’s own Wiz Khalifa are a possible item!

The two were recently spotted getting cozy with one another at the Teen Choice Awards just a few days ago, sparking dating rumors.

However both Rita AND Wiz posted some questionable photos via their Instagram pages, basically confirming that the rumors are indeed true.

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Chief Keef Just Had Another Baby…. He Thinks!


Chief Keef just fathered yet another baby… or so he thinks! The Chi-raq street rapper was recently told by a woman named “Lauren” that he is the father of her newborn baby but according to Keef’s lawyers, they’re not falling for it just yet. She wants Keef to pay child support for her two-month-old and even has him listed on the birth certificate as the daddy.

Sources close to CK said that Keef met Lauren at one of his shows in Kentucky and he ended up flying her out a few times. Nine months later… BOOM – a baby is born.

On Monday, Keef posted a photo of his alleged son with a caption that reads, “The White Sosa.” He then shortly after deleted the post when his lawyers began to question the credibility of the woman, saying that girls are constantly trying to throw babies on Keef for a check. Mind you, this would be Keef’s 4th baby mama if it’s true.

SOMEONE CALL MAURY… this is getting out of hand!

Head to the gallery and check out the little baby. Do you think it looks anything like Chief Keef?

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Uh Oh… Future Caught “Liking” An Old IG Clip Of Ciara.. Does He Want That Old Thang Back Or Naw?!

Ciara & Future

Just like many other couples in the industry, singer Ciara and trap star-turned-rapper Future just couldn’t make things work. However, the two do have an adorable son together.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Future, CiCi and her new bae Russell Wilson. Despite all of the drama, Future Hendrix might be missing his baby moms just a little bit because he was busted “liking” a video of her on the ‘Gram.

Check it out below!

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(Photos) Wait – Is Lupita Nyong’o Dating This ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Actor?!

ifwt_Corey Hawkins x Lupita N

Straight Outta Compton has taken its actors – all relative unknowns before the film – and made them into celebrities overnight. Of course the focus is on the main three guys: Corey Hawkins (playing Dr. Dre), O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s fine ass (playing his father, Ice Cube) and Jason Mitchell (playing the late Eazy-E,) and besides gaining quite the social media following in the last few weeks and having their name and faces plastered on posters and screens across the globe, it looks like their love lives are getting a boost as well!

Earlier this week, actress Lupita Nyong’o posted her very first #MCM…and it went to none other than Mr. Hawkins (aka Dre if you’re still not solid with who’s who yet, LOL.)

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Hold Up! Did Benzino & Althea Break-Up Or Are Her Pregnancy Hormones Talking?


It’s very rare that reality TV show couples end up lasting and from the looks of it, Benzino and Althea might be next on the list of significant others heading towards Splittsville!

The Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta duo are expecting their first child together very soon, so the pregnancy hormones are obviously kicking into full gear. Althea took to her Twitter page to let off some steam in regards to her seemingly failing relationship with Benzino. She basically implied in her post that she hit Zino and that he struck her back out of anger – pregnant and all.

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When Fronting Goes Wrong: Bow Wow Brags About Buying A House, But He’s Only Renting!


Rapper Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) has been bragging about buying a mansion next to Diddy and Jimmy levine’s house but the results are in and the lie detector determined THAT was a lie. Facts have been released that Bow Wow is actually leasing a four bedroom/ five bathroom penthouse for $12K a month (which is still a lot of $$ regardless).

It usually isn’t the biggest deal in the world when one only rents but for a public figure such as Bow Wow, this could be hurtful to people’s perception of him. You know what they say, the truth always comes to the light.

Drop your comments below and let us know how you feel about Bow Wow fake flexin’ for the ‘Gram!

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(Photos) Uh Oh! Is Soulja Boy Banging The Game’s Ex-Girlfriend?!

Soulja Boy

There seems to be some sharing going around in the rap world at the moment (big surprise).

Model India Love, who has ties to rapper The Game, has been allegedly parading around town with Soulja Boy. The two have been posting up Instagram photos, indirectly making it clear that they’re banging each other without actually saying it.

Soulja posted up a photo of his Gucci flip flops, captioning the photo with the only Future lyric that would possibly pertain (my #FutureHive family knows exactly what I’m talking about.. LOL!)

On India’s page, she has a photo with a beautiful bouquet of red roses with those same Gucci flip flops in the background.

The two have also been posting photos whipping the same Rolls Royce, making their rumored love affair to seem more factual.

Is Soulja throwing shots at The Game for stealing his chick or whatever the case may be? Check out the clues over in the gallery and let us know what you think.

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Woman Who Claims She’s The “Real Cookie” Sues ‘Empire’ For Allegedly Stealing Her Life Story


It looks like the smash-hit TV show Empire is looking at some possible legal trouble.

A Detroit native named Sophia Eggleston is claiming that she is the real-life version of Cookie Lyon, the diva on Empire played by Taraji P. Henson. Eggleston is so convinced that the producers stole her life that she has filed a $300 million lawsuit against co-creator Lee Daniels and the Fox network.

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Fake Butt Busta: Is Kylie Jenner’s Pound Cake Real Or Nah?


The world wants to know one thing… where did Kylie Jenner’s booty come from?!

A company called PureLeef is dying paying Kylie any money to promoter their “butt enhancing cream” via her Instagram page. In fact, they are saying that she just did it on her own for free. As always, Kylie received some serious backlash after posting up the promotional add with her plump backside all in the photo.

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Julia Beverly Shares The Alleged Story Behind Meek’s Line About Drake Getting Peed On


On the outro of Meek Mill‘s Drake diss “Wanna Know,” Meek raps the following:

You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater n*gga, we ain’t forget
Real n*ggas back in style this sh*t is lit

Many people are wondering what in the world he meant about Drake getting peed on, and journalist Julia Beverly has come through with the alleged tea as to what happened. It doesn’t seem AS bad as it could have been. Check out the story in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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