(Photos) Could Kendrick Lamar Be Pulling A Beyoncé?

Kendrick dropping surprise album?

Kendrick Lamar may very well be pulling a Beyoncé and dropping a surprise album. A customer caught the above photo while at a Walmart in Canada (I assume, since his Twitter location is “Somewhere in Canada,”) listing K.dot with an upcoming release date of January 27.

With “i” doing quite well on radio and the hardcore fanbase that he has, this would likely fare VERY well for Kendrick. He also has always made it well known that he’s not very interested in all the hoopla of the music business, so a no frills, no promo album rollout plan would really be the ideal plan for him.

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(Photos) Hmm…Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Over and Firing Shots Already?!

Meek x Nicki

Could Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill (aka OMEEKA) be over before they even really started? Maybe…but maybe not. Both rappers are known to throw subs at whatever situation they’re going through at the moment, and a recent round of photos on their respective Instagram pages seem to speak toward just that. It could also, however, be totally nothing!

Meek first shared a funny photo of Jay Z, captioning it, “Looking at this thot like…,” in reference to Hov’s shocked expression. Nicki soon followed up with a post of a “Thot Card.” Now, this could actually have been the pair poking fun at someone together, but another set of posts from them seemed to speak toward a rift.

After Meek later reposted a meme about walking away from whatever gives you bad vibes, Nicki then posted one of her own that read, “Gift the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.” What do you think? Shots fired or not so much? Check the posts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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Rumor Has It That Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Could Be A Thing!

Leo x Rihanna

Are Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio the next “it” couple? I’m SO here for this! Multiple eyewitnesses (including a Playboy playmate) have reported seeing the pair lock lips during a party at the Playboy Mansion over the weekend, and though Leo’s friend denies it (of course,) we’re going to have to believe the others.

This isn’t the first time the pair have been somewhere together, either, as they spent NYE together at Diddy‘s St. Barth’s bash, and have partied it up in various clubs over the years as well. Check out the tweet confirming the lip-locking from Playboy playmate Carly Lauren in the gallery, plus a couple shots of Leo at the party and the after-party alongside 50 Cent, Naomi Campbell and more.

What do you think of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio as a couple? I love it!

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Guess Which Rapper’s New Girlfriend May Be Getting A Reality Show!

Rick Ross x Ming Lee

Rick Ross’ girlfriend Ming Lee is new to his life, and the pair are looking quite happy and in love these days. It looks like there might be something else new to Ming’s life too, though – a reality TV show!

The Jasmine Brand reports that TV executive producer Carlos King (Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hollywood Divas, etc.) will be involved with producing the show, and reached out to him for a statement:

I can’t confirm or deny but I can say that Ming Lee is an amazingly talented hairdresser, business owner and personality so I wouldn’t be surprised if her next venture is in front of the cameras..

Ming runs a popular salon in ATL, so the show will reportedly revolve around that, and I’m sure her love life with Ross. Would you tune in?

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Hmmmm.. Deelishis & Wiz Khalifa Spark Dating Rumors Yet AGAIN!


And the Deelishis/ Wiz Khalifa relationship saga continues! There have been countless rumors circulating for the past couple of months that thick vixen Deelishis and rapper Wiz Khalifa have been shacking up. However, Deelishis recently spoke out about the he-said/she-said and said the two are “just friends” (yeah, RIIIIGHHHHHHT.) Wiz posted yet another video of the two walking and laughing together in what seems to be a pretty intimate setting. I mean it is possible that the two are just friends but in industry talk that means “we’re smashing but only in a friendly way, nothing serious.” LOL (facts though.) Check out the video below and let us know if you think Wiz is chopping that big ol’ booty down on the regular.

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That Was Fast! Chris Rock Spotted Out In St. Barts With New Mysterious Woman!


It’s only been a few days since Chris Rock announced his divorce from ex-wife of 19 years, Malaak Compton-Rock but that didn’t stop the comedian from sneaking away to an island with another woman. Rock was apparently spotted in St. Barts with a “mysterious woman” on Vivi Nevo’s luxurious yacht with other famous people in the industry such as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Rick Rubin, Darren Aronofsky and movie producer Thomas Langmann.

According to multiple sources, the woman is indeed Rock’s girlfriend. The two were spotted partying it up at Diddy’s New Years Eve party together. Hmmmm, too soon? Or do you think Chris and Malaak were having marital issues for so long that it’s completely cool for him to move on so soon after making their split legal? Drop your comments below.

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Is Kanye West Dropping A New Song Today?

Kanye West

As we all are very well aware of by now, Kanye West has been carefully crafting a new album, though we don’t have a lot of info on what to expect from it. Word on the street is that we may just get a little more info today, though, by way of a brand new song!

Hip-Hop Wired reports that Def Jam is pushing for Kanye to drop a new single before the ball drops tonight, and that it’s very likely going to happen! Who knows if it will (as we know how flip-floppy and particular Kanye can be,) but we’re definitely here for it if it’s true!

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(Fellas Check The Pics + Video) Hmmm…Was Future On A Date With This Blonde Stripper?

Future's date, 24K

Could Future be moving on to baby mama number 1,038 after his split from Ciara? Earlier this week in Atlanta, the rapper was spotted out bowling with Miami stripper 24k, sparking rumors of a date between the two. Though friends were with them as well, it’s quite possible this was a romantic outing!

Are Future and 24k an item or are they just friends? Check out the video from the bowling alley below, then hit the gallery for some sexy pics of 24k and let us know what you think!

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(Photos) Ooh, Looks Like Amber Rose Was Creeping With French Montana!

Amber Rose x French Montana

Over the weekend, Amber Rose was creeping with French Montana once again, following rumors about the pair earlier in the fall. Now, Amber has an obvious disdain for the Kardashian family, thus having something to gain by messing around with Khloe‘s on-again/off-again beau. For French, however, it’s pretty messy, considering Wiz Khalifa is a friend and even contributed to one of French‘s first successful singles, “Choppa Down.”

Over the weekend, Amber posted and then deleted a photo of her wrist next to an unidentified man’s wrist, showing off their jewelry. Through some detective work, it was determined that was indeed the wrist of none other than Mr. Montana.

As for the earlier rumors, there were reports of the pair kissing in an NYC club and even a photo of a trip to Knotts Berry Farm in Cali (both while he was not with Khloe,) but “sources” claimed it was French‘s brother that Amber was dating. However, Amber denied dating neither French nor Zach. Looks like she may not have been telling the whole truth there, huh? Check out the creeping pics in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) WHOA! Did SB Move On From Nicki Minaj With This Woman?!

Nicki MInaj x SB

With Nicki Minaj and SB’s breakup now officially public, it seems that SB is picking up the pieces and moving right along…just like Nick is reportedly doing with Meek Mill.

Instagram users have slowly been putting together puzzle pieces from both SB’s page and the page of a girl that goes by the name of Veronica Mac, and it seems pretty obvious that the two are spending a lot of time together. However, SB also tweeted a photo of the liner notes from Nicki’s album, showing that he not only still supports her…but that unlike previous reports, he DID help with this project, just like her previous two. SB’s name is listed as the A&R, so that means Minaj is still putting money in his pocket. Do you think this Veronica chick is just a space-filler until he and Nicki possibly work it out? I think so! Check the receipts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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