The last few weeks Battle Rap has been making its way on the radio. Ebro from Hot97’s “Ebro In The Morning” has had on two big name battle rappers. Now the crew had a sit down talk to the brains behind the URL Battle Rap operation. Legend Smack White & Business Man Beasley as Ebro referred to him came to chop it up. They got to the bottom of a lot of unanswered questions toward the Battle Rap Culture and even had a special guest.

If you have always been an active Battle Rap fan, it is easy to see how far the culture has come. B.E.T Awards hip hop cyphers are now filled with battle rappers. Snoop Dog and reality tv even wanted a piece of the Battle Rap fun. These days certain rappers are asking to be compensated with some crazy numbers. Ebro & Rosenberg broke the ice and asked the main question. How do you decide who gets paid what?

Battle Rap legend Loaded Lux made an appearance and Ebro told him how he felt about his last few performances but acknowledged his place in the Battle Rap World. Smack also announced that Lux the legend of his time will be battling The Legend of Our Time Charlie Clips. September 26 will be the Next Ultimate Rap League event, filled with fans from across the world and other famous artist that come to watch the show. History is always made at these events and its great to see the Radio world tap into that. Along with one of the best Female Rap Battles that will also go down in history At Summer Madness 5.

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