(Video) Tsu Surf Discusses Drake’s Challenge To Battle Murda Mook

Tsu Surf x Drake

After he approached Murda Mook with a desire to battle him last year, Drake has not quite made good on his word just yet. On Saturday at Smack/URL’s NOME 5 battle, though, Drake made an appearance and promised that he would battle Mook…but only if Mook gets in the ring with Tsu Surf first.

Of course, Tsu is up for the challenge. Sitting down with ItsBizkit, the New Jersey rapper discusses Drake’s co-sign, his new single with Styles P and more. Check out the interview below to hear what he has to say!

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Battle Rappers A Threat To Artist Says 50 Cent


Are Battle rappers a threat to artist? Well 50 cent says that these new rappers and artist would be in for it if a battle rapper got on a track. Lately if you pay attention to the shots 50 has taken at everyone , in my prior post, you notice when he discredits someone he is merely just saying they can’t keep up with the times. In the very same interview he said how he felt about battle rappers and he had something nice to say … for once.

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(Photo) Tsu Surf And Murda Mook Respond To Drake’s Battle Challenge


After Drake taunts those Murda Mook battle rumors that have been going on for FOREVER, a slick shot may have turned into a real thing. Will Tsu Surf really battle Murda Mook? Will that get Drake to finally Battle Murda Mook For himself? Well Hop into the post to find out! #IFWT

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(Video) Drake Says Murda Mook Has To Beat Tsu Surf Before Battling Him


It has been in talks for almost a year now that Drake will [potentially battle Murda Mook. Murda Mook event went and threw a couple shots at the Toronto rapper. Hop into the post to check out what Drake said about this battle against Murda Mook! Think Its going to happen? #IFWT

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(Photo) Kid Capri Battle Rap Album


If you love hip-hop like I love hip hop, you will be excited for the release of anything Kid Capri. To our surprise, the Legendary dj will release an album purely based off of URLTV’s Battle rappers. Top Tier is the name of the Kid Capri Battle Rap Album. He put together a compilation of different rounds and classic bars from a list of battle rappers, and turned it into a hit album. Will it be released by the summer?

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(Video) Snoop Dogg On the First Rap Battle He Lost and Battle Culture Evolution

Snoop Remembers His First Battle

You don’t become a Hip Hop legend by #winning at everything: Let the wisdom and insight wash over you as you hear Snoop Dogg On the First Rap Battle He Lost and Battle Culture Evolution in this clip. “Pressure makes diamonds” for sure, picture the big homie “Uncle Snoop”—standing alone embarrassed like hell in front of his high school (daaaamn!).

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(Video) Snoop Dogg Partners With AHAT For “Take Flight On Sight”


“Take Flight On Sight” will feature battlers such as Shi Dog, Cali Smoov, Danny Myers and more! Hop into the post to see Snoop Doggs Involvement with the battle league. #IFWT!

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(Video) Hollow Da Don Spits Bars for Upcoming Battle with Charlie Clips

Hollow Da Don Teaser for Charlie Clips Battle

The joke’s on us apparently: Hollow Da Don Spits Bars for Upcoming Battle with Charlie Clips in a comedic clip featuring the battle rap star laid on a psychiatrist’s couch, venting in reaction to everyone thinking he’s going to lose the upcoming face-off. While reflecting on the “trauma” of his past battles, opponents and the fans “who don’t love him like they used to,” is Hollow “in his Black Album” twilight and about to quit?

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(Video) Drake Says Murda Mook Doesnt Deserve To Battle Him


Drake Says Murda Mook Doesnt Deserve To Battle Him
Murda Mook has been talking about Battling Drake for some time now , Back in 2014 He threw a couple shots at him in his BET Cypher verse. Someone during a press conference asked about him starting to battle , Hop in the post to see what he said !

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(Photo) Drake Signs Battle Rapper Daylyt To OVO …. Supposedly !


Drake Signs Battle Rapper Daylyt To OVO
Daylyt Signs To OVO Deal with Drake ……..Supposedly ! It could be true  but on the other side we know how Daylyt can be , CLICK INTO THE POST ! for the details and pics ! help us decide if Daylyt Really Signs to OVO

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