It has been in talks for almost a year now that Drake will [potentially battle Murda Mook. Murda Mook event went and threw a couple shots at the Toronto rapper. Hop into the post to check out what Drake said about this battle against Murda Mook! Think Its going to happen? #IFWT

So time and time again Drake has proved that he really a true fan of battle rap. Such a fan that he had once before spoke on wanting to enter the battle scene himself and take on some of these savage MC’s one on one. Yet, it looks like he picked the wrong one to try…Murda Mook!

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Drake Being the Battle Rap fan that he is visited Smack/URL’s “Night of Main Events 5” to watch the line-up of the best match ups in New York City. Since it has been rumored for so long that Murda Mook and Drake could potentially end up battling each other , it seems the two can never walk into the same venue without it being addressed.

That night, the announcer asked Drake about Murda Mook and if he is still interested in Battling him. His response only built more hype around there battle that may never even happen but hey, it looks like people are loving every moment of it. “You gotta beat Surf first,” Drake said. Surf referring to Tsu Surf, who is a veteran battle rapper from Newark New Jersey.

It was caught on tape and you can check it out below !

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Murda Mook comes Off unbothered.

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