If you thought the Ashley Madison website was bad, wait till you hear this. Apparently, back in the 90’s there was a Madam by the name of Heidi Fleiss who was the master mind behind a prostitution ring. A top notch classy Hollywood prostitution ring can only mean one thing. Scandalous cheating celebrities spending money to cheat, and now in 2015 Heidi is ready to leak it all.

Arrested for tax evasion and money laundering back in 1993, Heidi was quite the infamous business woman. Collecting obscene amounts of money from high paid Hollywood execs to celebrities looking for a good time. Heidi ran a prostitution ring and had top of the line females. After being arrested things started to leak about who had been paying for services. It was said the plan was for the owner to release 10 A-list client names over the next 10 days increase hype around the sale. Currently, bidding is over $75k but we’re told they won’t take anything less than $100k.

Charlie Sheen was the only name that had been official leaked years ago. Allegedly there was a huge check from Charlie spotted in Heidi’s purse when the investigation began. Decades later Heidi plans to release a book called “Black Book”. The book will name and tell stories about some of the wealthiest in Hollywood and their dirty little secrets. Although Heidi claims not have known about it but bids are already going up on Ebay for the book.

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