(Photos) Talk That Talk! Spike Lee Puts Hollywood On Blasts After Receiving Honorary Oscar


Spike Lee is known highly for not only his immense talent as a film director but he is known just as well for his willingness to speak his mind on any issue, especially race. Lee put a room full of Hollywood execs on blast (maybe they felt uncomfortable – good) while accepting an honorary Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last night. You have go to hear what he says, it’s vital for us all to hear him out and let his word be heard because it’s very much true; again I say, talk that talk Lee.

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Rumors Sweep Hollywood That Male Superstar Who Has Dated Many Celebrities Is HIV Positive


There is a rumor that a major Hollywood star has been tested positive for HIV. The actor, who’s identity is not being revealed for possible legal reasons, supposedly has a long list of famous former girlfriends. Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) YG Turned Away At The Club For Rolling With “Too Many Dudes”


Looks like YG is going to have to cut some people out of his posse after an incident that occurred in Hollywood Thursday night. The rapper and his crew showed up to 1OAK on the Sunset Strip looking to party. The group first arrived at the back door where the bouncer turned them away for having “too many dudes.” With the help of the VIP guy, YG and his people were then escorted to the front of the club just to be denied again for the same reason.

The VIP guy even pleaded his case saying, Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber were both scheduled to arrive at the club that night but the bouncer stood his ground saying, “Wiz comes with girls!”

Check out the video below.

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(Photos + Video) Inside Hollywood’s Most Infamous Party House – Where All Celebs Go


Mega-mansion developer Danny Fitzgerald takes us inside Hollywood’s Most Infamous Party House and details inside information only those who’ve entered would have access to. Check the vid after the jump.

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(Photos) Are Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Miles and Amber ex-baes or real cousins? Erica Mena & Co. Share Some Tea!

Love & Hip Hop : Hollywood

Apparently Erica Mena has many issues with the reality TV franchise she was once an happy participant of, Love & Hip Hop; this time her issue is with cast members of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The model/singer has been taking to social media to express her grievances with the fakeness of the show. After a little social media quarrel involving Mena, a friend of hers jumped int o have her back calling the relationship between Miles and Amber never happened and she has the texts to prove it!

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Hollywood Star Arrested Trying To Enter US


An American actor Randy Quaid and his wife made their way back in the U.S.A but were denied entry. Find out why these Americans cannot come back into America.

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(Video) Wale Drops A Freestyle For All The Lovers Outside A Hollywood Nightclub


While hanging out in Hollywood, TMZ caught up with rapper Wale outside of Henry’s nightclub. Wale kept it cool with photogs and even decided to sing a little melody and drop a quick freestyle for all the couples leaving the club.

The rapper grabbed a man off the street playing the saxophone to help him with his performance. He sang a few bars off Michael Jackson’s ‘PTY’ then dropped his own bars while dancing with the drunken couples in the street.

Check out the video below.

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(Photo) Hollywood Madam Releasing “Black Book” With Celebrity Cheaters


If you thought the Ashley Madison website was bad, wait till you hear this. Apparently, back in the 90’s there was a Madam by the name of Heidi Fleiss who was the master mind behind a prostitution ring. A top notch classy Hollywood prostitution ring can only mean one thing. Scandalous cheating celebrities spending money to cheat, and now in 2015 Heidi is ready to leak it all.

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(Photo) Scott Disick Hooking Up With Kourtney’s Friend !!


Keep in mind I’m using the term very loosely when I say the word “Friend”. We can keep up with The Kardashians but after a few years, some breakups and 3 kids later, it is not so easy to keep up with Scott Disick. The father of Kourtney’s 3 children has been separated frpm her for a very short period of time. It didn’t take Scott long to move on, but once you find out with who!, you’ll know why he’s kicking himself in the a#s right now!

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Mariah Carey Will Finally Receive A Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

Mariah Carey

No one knows why it took so long, but it seems that Mariah Carey will finally be receiving the recognition she deserves and will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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