(Video) Man Shot By Police for Aiming Gun In Hollywood


A man was taken to a hospital after being wounded in an officer- shooting in Hollywood early Sunday, said police, who closed part of Hollywood Boulevard for their investigation.

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(Video) Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month

Jamie Foxx Hollywood Album

“Don’t call it a come back,” he’s been here for years: The music world rejoices for the long awaited return of an R&B crooner as Jamie Foxx Dropping “Hollywood” Album Next Month, his first in five years!!! Why the name “Hollywood” exactly???

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(Video) Mo’Nique Was ‘Blackballed’ by Hollywood After Winning Her Oscar

Mo'Nique Blackballed from Hollywood?

There’s always been legends and ‘secret society’ theories about the mainstream entertainment business. But while rumors of cliques, rituals and religions are one thing–the trail of actors (mainly of color) that are scorned, ‘left for dead,’ and actually denied work by the ‘powers that be’ is a historic and ongoing reality. The most recent star to be caught in the crossfire? According to a confirmation by Lee Daniels, Mo’Nique Was ‘Blackballed’ by Hollywood After Winning Her Oscar, for not “playing the game.”

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(Video) Do We Really Care? #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag Goes Viral

#OscarsSoWhite, Do We Care?

Uproar over “Hollywood White Wash” is upon us but Do We Really Care? #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag Goes Viral due to the apparent lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominations. Despite what you might think it’s not people of color doing all the ‘hating’ either…but is this change or just misplaced anger? At this point, do we really care what the Oscar’s thinks?

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Jason Momoa Lands Aquaman Film

IFWT_Jason Momoa Aquaman 1

Jason Momoa has signed a contract that will see him as the comic book star Aquaman for an outstanding four films.

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(Graphic Video) Update: LAPD Shows A Pic Of A Weapon; L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police


L.A. Man Shot In The Head By Police, America is turning into the criminal police blotter, keeping track of every move of the people that are supposed to keep us safe, we just don’t trust em. Amidst peaceful protest in many major cities across the country, Police are still finding time to kill it’s citizens. Last night in LA, a man was shot int the head several times by police.

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(Photo) This Is Real Love! Chris Brown Helps Karrueche Get A Home In Hollywood!

Chris Brown and Karrueche

Chris Brown wins the boyfriend of the year award! He helped his lady Karrueche rent a beautiful home in one of the hippest areas in Hollywood. For a whooping $4,600 a month and for someone with no full time job, she has to be one of the luckiest women ever. Breezy’s expensive cars has been seen parked in front of the house on numerous occasions and being that he has a bad boy image, the neighbors haven’t complained yet. So all must be good in the Karreuche household!
Check out the photo in the gallery…

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Marvel Confirms 9 New Movies Through 2019; Includes ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ & ‘The Inhumans’


Let the DC vs. Marvel battle begin! Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige unveiled the studio’s plan for their huge superhero movie lineup on Tuesday (October 28) in Hollywood.

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(Photos) LHH;Hollywood Castmates Beefing Over THOT Billboard


This reality TV stuff is entertaining to say the least but really just funny! Apparently Masika tweeted that she has 2 billboards up, 1 the face of clubs, the other a mugshot from when she was younger, and she blames Nikki Mudarris and Hazel E for this.

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Ray J Holding His Ex’s Dog Hostage After Nasty Break-UP?!


Puppy love?! Apparently after Ray J & Princess Love’s split, there has been somewhat of a custody battle over the dogs in their lives. According to Princess Love, “their 3 other Maltese’s shouldn’t have to go through a break up as well … they are heartsick and visitation won’t work because things are so acrimonious.” Princess Love is now begging for Ray-J to give their dog Boogati back to her because the rest of her dogs are devastated and  they will not stop crying. We’ve heard of custody battles over kids, but dogs?

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