This has got to be one of the dumbest most self incriminating videos ever posted. I’m sure it is just a matter of time before child services is called on rapper Rich Home Quan after his recent snapchat. The video clearly promotes endangering the welfare of a child, so instead you can just check out the pictures and see for yourself.

Clearly Rich Homie Quan has no management team or a brain behind him for posting such a video. With not a single care in the world he is inhaling and exhaling a joint of marijuana in front of his child. Even if he tried to deny it was narcotics, smoking even a cigarette next to such a small child is not ok.

This video had us all feeling “Some type of Way”, as social media blasts Rich Homie for his parenting skills. Although I didn’t even feel right re posting the video because I didn’t want to promote such a thing, I’m glad it has went viral enough to catch someone of some type of authority’s attention.

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But….you're the one with… Never mind ?

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