Nicki Minaj Says She’s Living Her Life And Not Apologizing For Her Twerk Video


Last night Nicki Minaj gave us a little behind the scenes glimpse into just how her and Meek Mill spend their days off. She posted a video of herself twerkin’ a lil’ something for Meek Mill in her panties. As expected her comments blew up and for the most part fans were loving the video labeling Omeeka “relationship goals” but of course there was those select few that had something negative to say.

Nicki hopped on Twitter to blast the critics. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

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(Photos) LMFAO, What Is THIS?! #ArchThatBackChallenge Causes Mass Hysteria On Social Media


It’s a known fact that social media outlets (and majority of those who use it) just have NO chill.

This week’s online shenanigans is the #ArchThatBackChallenge we’ve been seeing all over our news feeds. From what I’ve inquired, this “challenge” consists of females showing off their flexibility skills and showing us how much they can arch their backs for the ‘Gram.

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant Is A God In China So He Decided To launch A Social Media Platform There


Kobe Bryant has made a push to be big in China over the past decade, realizing the huge marketing potential there, in tandem with Nike. He’s expanding his brand in social media and his own design there, and this weekend he made his annual trip there. Turns out he’s still, yup, a God there.

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The Queen Of Social Media: Kim Kardashian Shares Her Great Idea To Improve Twitter


It really is the worst when you take the time type out those 140 characters for a tweet and after posting realizing that you made a typo or used the wrong emoji. If you’re like me, you just leave it alone and ignore those replies from followers about your spelling errors. But if you’re like reality start Kim Kardashian you delete the tweet and type it again making sure you spell check the second time.

Annoyed by the ‘delete and post again’ process Kim K sent an email to Twitter detailing her aggravation and requesting a new feature that could save us all a little time. Click the jump for more.

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(Photo) Remy Martin Still Not Used To Social Media Haters


Ny’s own Remy Martin was finally released from prison last summer, but our Rap diva is still getting used to social media haters. We have to wrap our minds around exactly how much has changed while Remy was away. There was no Instagram 6-7 years ago, and Twitter was not as trending and popular as it is now. See how the Bronx Bomber had to check an instagram hater that had something to say about lyrics Rem posted of an upcoming Papoose song.

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#GrowingUpBlack Hashtag Brings Back Childhood Memories On Twitter


If you are unfamiliar with the Twitter world, “Black Twitter” is a real thing and probably the most entertaining thing on social media. For this week’s online shenanigans, the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag has been having our Timelines LIT with jokes and childhood memories.

If you’re black and/or grew up in a predominately black area as a child (like myself), you will be crying while looking through some of the stuff people posted.

Take a trip to the gallery and get a good laugh with the #GrowingUpBlack hashtag!

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Big Break! King Keraun Discusses How He Went From A Felon To YouTube Star!


King Keraun makes over 1 million people who follow him on Instagram laugh on a daily basis, but the road to instant fame wasn’t an easy one.

Read more after the jump!

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Scary Stuff! SnapChat Co-Founder Evan Spiegel Is Being Stalked…On SnapChat!


Evan Speigel, co-founder and CEO of the popular social media app SnapChat is reportedly being stalked on the social media platform he created. According to police reports someone who identifies himself as Ramon Martinez is sending the CEO harassing messages including assassination references. That’s scary stuff. Read more below for details.

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(Photos) YAY! Amber Rose Brings Baby Bash Back To Social Media Finally!

Amber Rose x Sebastian

Baby Bash, who is the son of both Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, is one of the most adorable kids in the industry. For privacy reasons, Muva Rosebud pulled all of Sebastian’s photos and videos from her social media sites, in which she has millions of followers on. However, baby Bash is back to stay for good now!

Amb posted an adorable video clip of Sebastian that has a caption that reads, “I’ve decided to have my Pumpkin Pie back on Mommy’s Instagram…I thought keeping his pics and videos private would allow him to have a more normal life but apparently that didn’t really work,” she said. “There are pictures posted of him everywhere besides my account. So here u go world! Enjoy my lil smart guy on his Mommy’s page as well.”

Sound off below and let us know if you think as a celebrity, it’s a smarter idea to hide your kids via social media.

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(Photos) Karrueche Responds To Chris Brown’s Social Media Slander!


So here we go… more tea is about to be spilled. Recently, social media blew up with Chris Brown’s comments about Karrueche’s previous interviews and everyone went crazy.Now, Karrueche just posted a statement on Instagram about Chris Brown’s slander.

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