(Photos) NBA: Damian Lillard Shuts Down Twitter Troll With One Response


Fans sometimes think they can say whatever they want to athletes and they either won’t notice or won’t bother replying. Well Damian Lillard doesn’t seem to think like that and he reads his tweets. A young fan learned the hard way don’t come at Dame with criticism if you aren’t free from it yourself. This kid thought he could point out something about Lillard’s game, so in turn he went ahead and pointed something out about the Kid! LOL!!

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(Photos) LOL, This Is Great! Male Student Becomes IG Famous For Recreating WHAT?!


In the world of the social media era, it’s very easy to become famous off the internet. 20-year-old Mina Gerges has gained some serious Instagram fame for recreating celebrity diva’s photos such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and many others. The college student from Canada explains how he makes everything himself (props, outfits, etc.) Each photo he recreates takes him a approximately two hours each. Head over to the gallery to see his amazing celebrity parody photos. He’s a talented man!

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(Photos) Cam’Ron Has His Own Emojis

Cam'Ron Emoji

It’s no doubt that “Mr. Cam’Ron” has always been a social man of the streets, style, serious action and silly situations that keep us rolling. While he’s been killing it this year and a string of stories have all made headlines, the latest venture has recently been approved and Cam’Ron Has His Own Emojis now, further solidifying his pulse on pop culture and harping on inspiration from some of his greatest moments…

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(Photos) NBA: Rajon Rondo Speaks On Trade To Dallas Mavericks


Rajon Rondo has finally voiced his opinion on the recent trade that has him heading to Dallas! Rondo shows love to the Celtics, his fans and says he “look forward to building something special in Dallas.” More after the jump!

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(Photos) Now There Are More Instagram Verified Accounts Post Purge!!

IFWT_Verfied Check

A lot, I mean A LOT of people took L, of course Ma$e took a huge loss, but Akon might have lost the most, going from 4.3M to 1.9M. Now post Purge there are official ‘Instagram Verified Accounts’, your favorite talent will get that little blue check that has been on twitter for years, and FB followed suite not too long ago, and in both cases it has lead to an even food chain of popularity with anyone that has a little blue check being on top.

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(Photo) Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant

IFWT_lilb F

Fans Heated Over Lil B Blocked By Facebook For Latest Rant for what they’re identifying as racial slurs and “hate Speech” according to the Facebook post policies. In his run-off about old world politics Lil B who’s known all over social media for speaking his mind in passionate and always unrelenting terms hit a wall with the billion dollar corporation. They also reportedly are trying to go after his Instagram account since IG is part of the Facebook franchise. As Lil B naturally took to his other media platforms to voice his war cries and let the world know what was happening, the fans have NOT taken this lightly. Under the rally of #ProtectLilB, check out how far some fans are going in on this.

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(Video) NFL: Damn! Angry 49ers Fans Burn Colin Kaepernick Jerseys After Yesterday’s Loss


That was fast! Colin Kaepernick went from being one of the most popular San Francisco sports figures to now having his jerseys burned by angry fans who are disappointed in the team’s season. Hit the jump for details.

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Fraternity Suspended For “Cripmas” Party

IFWT_Clemson Cripmas party

Sigma Alpha Epsilon have been suspended until further notice after hold a “Cripmas” Party where white students were pictured dressed as thugs.

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(Video) NBA: Charles Barkley’s Not on Twitter Because He Says He Doesn’t Wanna Talk to Those Idiots!

IFWT_Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a man of many words but none of those words will ever be shared by him on social media because in his own words, he “doesn’t wanna talk to those idiots”.

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(Photos + Video) And Meek Mill Has Officially Touched Back Down On Social Media!

ifwt_Meek-Mill-back F

Meek Mill is a free man! After being behind bars for 20 weeks for what a judge deemed a parole violation, the MMG rapper has been released over a month early from his 6-month bid. Fox Philly reports that Meek completed 3 programs while in prison, leading to his early release. He will, however, be required to complete anger management and community service while out, and will not be allowed to travel outside of Philadelphia until then.

Taking to his once-turnt up Instagram upon release, Meek shared his first post just moments ago. The video is a report from Meek’s official DJ, DJ Bran, and shows Meek’s city of Philly going CRAZY as they shmoney dance amongst flashing police sirens, happy that their hometown hero is back. Meek captioned it, “My hood right nowwwww!” Bran also shared the above photo, although it’s not clear whether that’s old, or taken today.

Rick Ross and the MMG crew have also been celebrating, posting custom #MeekMillBack graphics, which all promised that his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money will be coming soon. Since he’ll be stuck in Philly without much to do, I’m sure we’ll be getting TONS of new music recorded soon! Welcome home, Meek Mill!

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