(Photo) Just In Case You Don’t Want it, Here’s How To Stop Photo Tagging In Twitter

On Twitter

I say just in case because photo tagging is not too much of an issue on FB or IG, so why would it be on twitter…other than those annoying ‘check out this music I think you’ll like although you won’t’ :-(

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(Photos) Find Your 1st Tweet Ever Here!!! #HappyBirthdayTwitter

Funk Flex 1st Tweet Ever

Twitter is celebrating it’s 8th Bday, Today, by hashing up it’s discover tool and letting you put any name in and seeing their(or yours) 1st Tweet ever!!

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(Video) LOL, Is Khloe The Bully At The Kardashian House?!

Kardashain and Jenner Girls

Not Really, The Kardashian sisters truly show the ups and downs of being in a household full of girls. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared one of their sisterly moments on the Social media Keek, fighting which involved name callings and slamming into chairs.

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(Graphic*18+*Video) Britney Young Is Back On Vine Being Extra Dirty!!

IFWT_vine funny video

I once asked if Britney Young was the most adult profile on Vine, I’m Not sure finding a whole bunch of dirty content on Vine, but damn it, she gives them all a run for they’re money!!

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HLNtv Exec Albie Hecht Rebrands For The ‘Social Media Generation’


HLN, which stands for “Headline News”, which is what it was formally known as, has gone through some changes as of late, 1st in Nov 2013 they got a new boss, Albie Hecht, whom was formally with MTV, and he came in and chopped some dead weight, like “Showbiz Tonight”, and “Evening Express”, but now he’s ready to Grow!!

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(Video) So This Is How Fake Social Media Makes Money!

IFWT_fake_Social Media

This whole fake like, follower’s, friends, and users in social media is pretty much a bubble that desperately needs to be popped, but if it’s where FB(and possibly other SM platforms) is making it’s money, then it won’t be going away anytime soon.

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You’ll Never Guess What Meek Mill Actually Wants MORE Of!

Meek Mill

After violating his probation last year stemming from his 2008 gun possession case, a judge ordered Meek Mill to take etiquette classes because she was not a fan of the behavior he exhibited on social media…especially the not-so-nice things he’d said about her.

You’d think a former felon from Philly wouldn’t be too excited about such a thing, but according to Meek’s lawyer, not only did he excel at the courses – he actually wants more! The MMG rapper has hired Gail from the Madison School of Etiquette and Protocol (photo in the gallery), who reveals that Meek has enlisted her help to refine his fine dining skills…especially for international purposes…because he travels so much. “That sh*t is classy, nah saying!”

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(Photos) Meek Mill’s Son’s Mother Lets The Haters & H*es Know What’s Up!

Fahdy and her son with Meek, "Papi"

Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend/son’s mother is usually pretty positive on her Instagram account, sharing images of her adorable sons (one with Meek, one from a previous relationship) and excursions with her girlfriends and family. However, every once in a blue, she has to set people straight (like the time she opened up about her split from Meek,) and last night, she had a word for the girls that always have an opinion about her and try to offer up advice, as if she’d asked them! Check out what she had to say in the gallery.

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Ciara Has A Word Or 2 For The Bloggers!


Ciara is in a great, positive space in her life (as the singer had a successful 2013 with new music, getting engaged and possibly/probably having a baby on the way), and she wants to rid any negative vibes around her – and that begins with the blogs! Taking to her website yesterday, CiCi wrote out her first ‘diary’ entry, “What Is Social Media Coming To?” In the long post, the bride-to-be expressed her disappointment with a lot of sites, saying that they now focus more on negativity and tearing celebrities down, when before it was more about the creativity. She agrees the blogs aren’t all to blame, though, as personal social media accounts for artists are also taking away some of the ‘wow’ factor and the mystique that used to be such a draw-in. What do you think? Read her post in full here and let us know your thoughts!

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(Video) Sports: Evelyn Lozada Opens Up About Blocking Chad Johnson on Social Media & More


I wonder if Chad has made an appointment to get that tattoo removed yet???  It’s time to move on my friend & this should make it easier to move forward.  Evelyn Lozada did an interview recently after announcing her pregnancy & who the father is.  She talks about blocking Chad on social media, the reunion show & more.  Check it out…

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