How can you as the wife of the MVP of a league blast said league on social media for the world to see simply because you didn’t like a call? Easily apparently. Golden State Warrior’s unanimously chosen MVP, Steph Curry’s wife is gangsta. Or she’s a fool.

So game 6 was last night and Golden State got their butts handed to them a tad bit by LeBron and the Cavs. There was so much tension in the air…even Steph himself let emotions get the best of him…fouled out…and then got ejected for throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd because he didn’t like the call. Then, it seemed like he didn’t want to leave the court…poppin ish’ at the ref…woooooowwww Curry. Wooooooow.

So check the gallery for Mrs. MVP’s tweets…she BLASTED the NBA (who just happen to be lacing her family with MILLIONS) calling it a fraud. She tried to delete it, but c’mon son…it’s social media. It was retweeted THOUSANDS of times…like 70 of them…before she could take it back. Then, she starts to back-peddle, making all kinds of excuses for her actions. LMAO…she saw those 0’s start to delete from her bank account. LOL…foolish, foolish, foolish. Never let your emotions get the best of you. ESPECIALLY when you have so very much to lose.

The NBA has not only afforded her family a specific way of life, but her personally a book deal, a popular cooking and lifestyle show on YouTube, magazine covers…mmmm ok ‘Esha.

Anyway…yall ready for Game 7?