(PHOTO) MLB: Matt Harvey Shares Obscene Pic & Then His Twitter Account Disappears


Well this is one way to celebrate a six month anniversary — although I’m not sure why the need. Lol. Six months ago today, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey underwent Tommy John surgery & had his elbow rebuilt.  Well he sent out an obscene pic to remember the surgery.  Not only is the picture gone, but so is Matt’s account.  How have these athletes not learned from other fellow athlete’s mistakes?!  SMH.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Sage The Gemini Shares His ‘Heartbreak’ On Social Media…Is He Crying Over Kaylin Garcia?!

Sage The Gemini x Kaylin Garcia

Looks like this match made in twerk heaven is over before it ever really started. Back in February, “Shake It Like A Red Nose” rapper Sage the Gemini and model Kaylin Garcia started to allude toward a relationship, which Sage soon confirmed during a series of interviews promoting his debut album, Remember Me. “That’s my woman,” Sage proudly announced…though it was later revealed that they’d never actually met in person! I would assume that the pair eventually met while Sage was in NYC earlier this month…but I can’t confirm that. However, I guess that’s irrelevant now…as it appears the pair have called it quits!

Sage took to his social media accounts over the weekend to pour out his heartbreak, and it seemed more than clear that he was saying Kaylin cheated on him. However, when media outlets began reporting it as such, he was quick to take to his Twitter to clear the air and say that she didn’t. I’m not that close to the situation, but I do know Kaylin well enough to know that she definitely doesn’t run around messing with tons of men. In fact, she’s been celibate for almost an entire year. Seems like Sage may just be over-emotional and in his feelings! What do you guys think?

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Was Nicki Minaj About To Tell Us The Release Date Of Her New Album?!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated album “The Pinkprint” is scheduled to come out this year! But when?!
Find out after the jump!

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(Video) Stay In Your Lane! R&B Singer Lloyd Gets Slandered For New Rap Freestyle!

Every so often a rapper tries to start singing, or a singer tries to rap… the talented ones are accepted, but the trash bags are slandered, and this is what happened in the case of R&B singer LLoyd! Lloyd hopped on the “Move That Dope” track, with some buddies, shot a video and released it. Twitter dragged him through the mud, and basically told him to stay in his lane! You be the judge, does ya boy Lloyd have a future spittin or nah?? Check it out!

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(Photo) Say What?! Are Jay-z And Beyoncé Parodying Bound 2?!

Jay-Z And Beyoncé

Now, we know Kanye and Jay-Z are good friends but is this Jay and B paying a tribute to Kanye and Kim or is this Bonnie and Clyde making a comeback ?!

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(Photos) NBA: WOW, So This Is How The NBA Playoffs Would Go If It Were Up To Twitter


Twitter is such a powerful force. Not powerful enough to make the NBA playoffs go a certain way, but if it was based on twitter mentions alone, there would be some surprises throughout. Some of the favorites would be knocked out early if it were up to the fans. Twitter put together a bracket based on team mentions since the start of the season. Hit the jump to see the image and who has the loudest fans. It is pretty dope. If you are a Miami Heat hater though, just look away now.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Brandon Jennings Wants To Tell The World About Tae Heckard


Awwwww, how adorable!!  Brandon Jennings is really falling for Tae Heckard!  Neither of them are hiding the relationship anymore, but Brandon took to Twitter to share just how much he cares.  Check out his pic and messages…

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(18+PHOTO) MLB: Hacked or Accident?! Red Sox Player Tweets Pic of Woman’s A$$

IFWT_Xander  3

Maybe he was just bored in Chicago after the game — or it was an accident — or he was hacked?!  Late last night Boston Red Sox rookie Xander Bogaerts tweeted out a picture of a woman taking a selfie of her ass.  My guess is she sent it to him and he accidentally sent it out.  The tweet was later deleted … and then his page was deleted, but we still have the pic.  I’m sure we’ll hear that he was hacked.  C’mon rook!  Check it out…

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Sports: Wade? Kobe? Nope! Fans Surprised When Nick Young Names The Best Shooting Guard in NBA


Swaggy P got fans talking once again!  Yesterday Nick Young took to Twitter to do a short Q&A session.  Well someone asked, “when are you gonna be a top 5 NBA player” — his answer had some fans shocked (even though it shouldn’t have – it’s Swaggy).  Gotta give the guy credit for his confidence???  I wonder if Kobe, Wade, Harden or others will respond?!  Check it out…

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[PHOTOS] Hip Hop Legend Nas Invades Twitter With #AskNas To Celebrate The Release Of ‘Illmatic XX’


In celebration of one of the most highly acclaimed Hip Hop projects our time, ‘Illmatic’ released in 1994 by Hip Hop legend, Nasir Jones, the Queens rapper took to Twitter today to celebrate the release of ‘Illmatic XX’. ‘Illmatic’ 20 years later features original tracks Hip Hop heads fell in love with in addition to some remixes from the kid. To kick off the illy week, Nas has partnered with iTunes Music and taken to Twitter for an unprecedented #AskNas session…

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