(Photo) Zola From The Crazy Twitter Story Is Back!


Remember that girl Zola who had a few seconds of internet fame last year, when her insane Twitter story about strippers, pimps and overall drama went viral? Well she’s popped back up, and once again, she has people talking! This time, the controversy comes from a photo she shared on social media, where she’s openly breast-feeding her 5-month-old daughter in the middle of her former place of employment, Hooters. Some are saying that she didn’t need to do such an act for the world to see, while others say such an act shouldn’t be sexualized, and she should be able to feed her child wherever, whenever.

(Photos) Travis Scott Pledges His Support For Kid Cudi


Last night, Kid Cudi revealed in a lengthy Facebook post that he has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts, and he is checking himself into rehab. He promised fans that he’d completed his recently-delayed album already and got “all of the business stuff” out of the way before leaving, so that his team can keep releasing things while he’s gone. He aims to be out in time for his performance at Complex Con on the first weekend of November. Mental health and therapy is such an important issue, and one that’s shunned among males, particularly in the urban community, as society has bred an environment that tries to peg a man as emasculated if he’s in touch with his feelings or admits that he’s anything less than 100% strong. It’s a great thing that Cudi recognizes he needs help and is doing what he needs to do to get better, and despite the trolls who think it’s a laughing matter, the Cleveland rapper has been getting tons of support from his fans and his peers, including Travis Scott.

(Photo) Waka Flocka Responds To Gucci Mane’s Interview With Funk Flex


Last week, Gucci Mane sat down with Funk Flex for his first post-jail interview, and the topic of Waka Flocka came up. Gucci and Waka used to be really close, with Gucci even being a huge reason for Waka’s early success. However, the pair haven’t been on the same page for a while now. “I haven’t spoken to Waka in three years,” Gucci told Flex. Waka says that’s not the whole story, though.

Mary J. Blige Wants You All To “Shut The F*ck Up!”


Yesterday, Apple Music released a video in promotion of Mary J. Blige’s forthcoming show, The 411. In the clip, the legendary singer sits down with Hillary Clinton, and sings…awkwardly…about gun violence while holding Hillary’s hand. It’s a song that already exists, Bruce Springsteen’s “American Skin,” and the message is obviously on-par with the times, but between the hand-holding and fans still being scarred from the God-awful crispy chicken Burger King commercial, Mary was the target of social media’s memes and slander yesterday. However, she is NOT here to joke with y’all!

Kanye West Is Cell Phone-Less Again


Kanye West infamously didn’t have a phone for years, but got one once he started dating Kim Kardashian. Now that he’s all settled and married and stuff, apparently he doesn’t feel the need for one any longer, and he’s once again without a device.

(Photos) Lil Uzi Vert Praises Ab-Soul After Soulo Seemingly Took Shots At Him


There’s some weird tension brewing between the new generation of rappers and like, everyone else in music, and it’s not cool. The new guys – like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty – don’t feel the need to freestyle over “classic hip-hop” beats or even know their history much, and it’s rubbing many people the wrong way. And it’s not just the OGs who are upset, but established rappers who aren’t too much older than these guys as well.

(Photos) Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Donald Trump On Twitter!


Chrissy Teigen is outspoken and loved by fans because of it. She had no problem telling Donald Trump what was on her mind on Twitter, hit the jump to see.

(Video/Photos) Did Ab-Soul Shade Lil Uzi Vert On Twitter?


The new wave of young rappers are really creating some commotion in the hip-hop community. Because of their age, many of them did not come up on the “classics” of the genre, like your Biggie’s and your Pac’s and your Gang Starr’s and Pete Rock’s and KRS One’s and Mobb Deep’s and the list goes on and on. And though some of the last wave of rappers may not have come up on those artists either (like Wiz, Cole, Sean, etc.), they’ve always paid homage and went back to do their research. This generation has proudly declared that they have no interest in doing that, however, and it has some people quite upset.

PartyNextDoor Is Back After Deleting His Twitter With A Cryptic Tweet


PartyNextDoor put out his long awaited P3 project this summer, but it got a lukewarm reception at best. In an interview with Rolling Stone last month, the OVO singer revealed that he wasn’t happy at all, particularly after giving Drake and Rihanna such a “moment” with the song “Work,” and not having one for himself.

Chance The Rapper Shows Lil Wayne Some Love On Twitter


We all need a friend like Chance in our lives. Hit the jump to see what he said about Weezy.

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