Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes With a Bomb Threat Intended for “The Lulz”


Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes With a Bomb Threat Intended for “The Lulz”
There were  two planes that were grounded and searched for a bomb on Saturday before landing at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Being  that It was considered a valid threat by the U.S Military  it was reacted to like any bomb threat would . But come on , I mean I highly doubt that in a military training program there’s a section in the “bomb threat pamphlet ” about twitter trolls , I mean anybody with a twitter knows how effective they can be , and how much s**t they can F**k up in 150 characters .
Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes With a Bomb Threat Intended for “The Lulz”

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NBA: Kyle Lowry Can Thank Justin Bieber For Helping Him Get Votes To Start All-Star Game


Kyle Lowry has made some friends in the right places besides making a name for himself on the court. Last year Lowry was deserving of making the all-star game, but was snubbed instead and watched like the rest of us. This year things have changed and he and the Raptors are ballin’ which had led him to being named starting guard for the east. Very recently he was on the outside looking in as far as the votes go until Justin Bieber stepped up for him.

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(Photo) Yoooo! Soulja Boy Went IN On His Ex Nia Riley On Twitter!!


The disrespect is so real! I don’t know why some celebrities break up and then choose to air it all out on social media. It’s bad enough that you’re getting judged for every little thing you do, but to put your ex on full blast is petty if you ask me. Soulja Boy didn’t hold anything back. He went on Twitter to not only let Nia Riley know but to let the whole world know that he don’t eff with her. Soulja tweeted to Nia “You’re a dumb b*tch”. OH wait he doesn’t stop there, he also said “You will never taste this d*ck again you stupid hoe.” Dayuuum shots fired!
Check out the tweet in the gallery…

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(Video) Jeopardy Contestant Confuses Iggy Azalea with Azealia Banks

Jeopardy Contestant Confuses Iggy Azalea for Azealia Banks

LOL–“What is…cultural appropriation Alex?” Well there’s been a lot in the news lately and it’s a stretch but understandable that this man got his cross hairs all mixed up. But the net is simultaenously shaking it’s head and* laughing out loud because Jeopardy Contestant Confuses Iggy Azalea with Azealia Banks. Sidebar: why was this even a question???

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(Photos) Sports: ESPN Analyst Accidentally Lets World Know He Likes PornHub


ESPN Analyst & National Recruiter, Gerry Hamilton, might have just made one of the WORST mistakes in his career, after accidentally tweeting a Pornhub link when trying to give an update on a top recruit! Photos & more details after the jump…

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(Photos) Seattle Seahawks FAIL at Twitter Tribute to MLK

Seattle Seahawks FAIL at MLK Tribute

Fresh off the NFC Championship win it’s understandable anyone in Seattle’s camp is feeling hype…but this one most say crossed the line. Internet backlash hit (even after) the swift take-back from a Seattle Seahawks FAIL at Twitter Tribute to MLK (SMH)!

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(Photos) NBA: Ah Man, It’s Getting Worse! Fans Go In On Lebron’s Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Hairline


It is no secret Lebron is struggling with his hairline, it has been happening for years. More recently though it appeared as if he got work done on his hair to maybe help regrow the follicles, I mean we all know he can afford any price. Sadly for Bron though sometimes hair loss just can’t be saved regardless of how much money you have to spend. It is clear at this point that Bron puts something in his hair to make it appear more full than it really is because the second he starts to play and sweat, that fake hair disappears quick! Some fans took notice last night and went in on the King!

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(Photos) NBA: Damian Lillard Shuts Down Twitter Troll With One Response


Fans sometimes think they can say whatever they want to athletes and they either won’t notice or won’t bother replying. Well Damian Lillard doesn’t seem to think like that and he reads his tweets. A young fan learned the hard way don’t come at Dame with criticism if you aren’t free from it yourself. This kid thought he could point out something about Lillard’s game, so in turn he went ahead and pointed something out about the Kid! LOL!!

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Album Release Date: Wale – The Album About Nothing

Wale - The Album About Nothing

Wale’s been crafting his new project The Album About Nothing for some time now, the follow-up to his 2013 effort, The Gifted. Though the latter spawned the smash single “Bad” and an equally successful remix with Rihanna, we’ve yet to get a major one for this – but there’s still time!

Taking to Twitter today, the MMG rapper revealed the project’s release date will be March 31. (He actually has been promoting this on Instagram for about a week, but I just caught on! Sorry guys!) Its current single, the Jeremih-assisted “The Body,” is picking up steam, and I’m sure we’ll get another by then. In the meantime, if you haven’t already – check out Wale’s latest mixtape, Festivus.

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Lupe Fiasco Makes A Dramatic Exit From Twitter


Looks like Kevin Gates isn’t the only rapper making some social media changes. Chicagoan artist Lupe Fiasco hits up Twitter to make his dramatic exit from the 140-character speaking platform. After ruffling a few feathers with fellow artists Kid Cudi and Azealia Banks, the “Adoration of the Magi” rapper announces that he plans on falling back a bit, from “addressing the public directly.” We assume his ‘people’ or music will be handling any further communication with fans and media. Lupe, who’s use to re-tweeting and replying to current events online, claims to have never really been an ‘in-the-spotlight’ type.

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