(Photos) Why Did Jaden Smith Delete His Twitter?


Unfortunately, Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, just deleted his twitter. Jaden’s fans and supporters are very disappointed. Jaden usually say’s some pretty cool things on the tweeting app.

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(Photo) Safaree Has Another Upset Ex, Sophia Body That Tells It All


Looks like Sophia Body is the second ex of Safaree to embarrass him on social media.

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(Photos) NFL: Seahawks Bruce Irvin Calls NFL Draft Analysts “Hoes” & “Clowns”


Bruce Irvin was not happy watching the NFL draft last night. He enjoyed seeing the players make that next step, but he was not feeling a couple of the analysts during the night at all. Irvin played college ball at West Virginia and when the slander came for his school and a couple guys from there who were in the draft last night, he let them have it. He tells them to paint their face because they are clowns, and then calls another analyst a “Hoe”.

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(Photo) ISIS Recruiter Is A Seattle Journalism Student


A Seattle Journalism student was discovered to be a high ranking ISIS recruiter.The @_UmmWaqqas twitter account was used to contact those interested in joining ISIS.The use of social media for promotion and recruitment has made it easier for ISIS to reach millennials.

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(Photos) NFL: Saints Fan Tried To Troll Dez Bryant, He Calls Her Fat Before Threatening To Roast Her


This woman learned a valuable lesson last night. If you are going to troll an athlete or celebrity, be prepared to have it come back to you. In this case, a female fan told Dez Bryant he was corny. He happened to notice the tweet and it was on from there.

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(Photos) NBA: Rockets Cause Uproar After Tweeting Gun & Horse Emojis As They Eliminated Mavericks

Apr 28, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) reacts after a play during the fourth quarter in game five of the first round of the NBA Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks at Toyota Center. The Rockets defeated the Mavericks 103-94 to win the series 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets have one of the best sports team accounts on Twitter.  They’re very interactive and usually post cool videos, photos and funny tweets.  They found themselves in hot water last night however as they were about to beat the Dallas Mavericks .

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(Photo) Who You Talking About Wiz ?


A tweet went up from our favorite stoner yesterday evening leaving us all to wonder, Who you talking about Wiz? You can see in the tweet Wiz Khalifa says “This could be us but you playing” with what looked to be a picture of two hippies in love. Could he be talking about Amber Rose? , or is there someone else in the works of capturing Wiz’s heart?

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(Photos) David Banner On How Men Respond to How Women Present Themselves

David Banner on Women, Men and Truth

If you hadn’t already realized, the “Like A Pimp” rapper, producer, actor, activist and Mississippi native has been on a new mission in life. As he cranks up the heat on his messages it looks like a lot of people can’t take the temperature…check the epic tweets of David Banner On How Men Respond to How Women Present Themselves, questioning why many are surprised about their own mixed messages!

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(Photos) Burt Jenner Blasts “Fake” Supporters?

Burt Jenner Blasts "Fake" Supporters?

Shots fired?…Bruce Jenner’s public transition has been heavy for his family, friends, and even America to handle. But while lots of emotions were triggered from the first announcement to now, looks like some family members are fed up with the circus act around him and may or may not have just ready-aimed-fired. Is it the case that Burt Jenner Blasts “Fake” Supporters in his latest Twitter rant?

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(Video) Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall

Baltimore Protests Change Flags

Black Lives Have Always Mattered: The atmosphere in Maryland’s hot-bed city has not slowed, soured or stagnated “by any means.” State troopers are walking the streets and the rallies are still on as Baltimore Protesters Replace American Flags at City Hall in continued response to #FreddieGray.

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