(Photo) Chief Keef Defends Bill Cosby Against Rape Allegations!


Bill Cosby is having the worst couple of weeks ever. More and more women are coming out of no where with rape allegations causing some of Hollywood to condemn Mr. Cosby. Not Chief Keef, he believes that the legendary actor is innocent. According to Chief he said Cosby was a “thot breaker, not raper.” Hmmmmmmm do you agree?
Read Chief Keef’s response in the gallery…

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Kid Cudi Wishes Rappers Would Be More Artistic!

Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi is surely not satisfied with new artists, and the state of Hip Hop. He took to his Twitter account to tell everyone just how pissed off he actually is! “Big whoop u sell a shit ton of records, so have many artist before you. Whatelse u got? What u got for mankind? For the human race? Because they could dumb down their music, surely connect to a larger audience and make a shit ton of money, but thats not impressive.” So what would be impressive? Check out the whole Twitter rant after the jump.

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(Photos) Anonymous Hacks KKK Twitter For Ferguson Protesters

IFWT_ Anon Vs kkk the war in on

Y’all can say what you want about Anon, but they stand TFU for the real injustices in the world! You might remember a while back they shut down those Church nuts that were threatening to protest the sandy hook funeral’s, well this time Anonymous Hacks KKK Twitter with #OpKKK!!!

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Lil Twist Responds To Assault Allegations

Kyle x Chris Massey / Lil Twist

Lil Twist is currently involved in some trouble with the LAPD, after he reportedly beat up and humiliated a former Zoey 101 star Kyle Massey‘s older brother Chris. A felony warrant for home invasion and robbery has reportedly been issued for Twist‘s arrest, according to the Massey brothers’ attorney. However, the D.A. says no charges have been filed “yet” so it’s not quite clear where it stands as of now.

Allowing the allegations to float around for a few days, the YMCMB rapper finally released a statement regarding the matter, of course denying any wrong-doing. “Was once taught , can’t believe everything read,” he tweeted. He’s a man of many words.

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(Photos) NFL: Ray Lewis Joins Twitter & Gets Killed (Pun Intended)

IFWT_Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis joined Twitter and got a not so warm welcome.  He was quickly initiated into the harsh world of Twitter where people attack public figures for the things they’ve done.  The former Baltimore Raven struck a deal to avoid murder charges and jail time by pleading guilty to misdemeanor obstruction of justice in the case of two men who were stabbed and killed outside of an Atlanta nightclub.  Many people think Lewis is guilty of the murders and when he joined Twitter, they didn’t let him forget it.

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(Photo) NBA: LOL Boss! Justin Timberlake Shuts Down Twitter User Who Calls Him a Grizzlies Bandwagon Fan

IFWT_Justin Grizzlies 1

The Memphis Grizzlies blew out the Houston Rockets 119-93 and improved to an NBA best 10-1 record.  Justin Timberlake shared his excitement by simply writing “Grizzlies” on his Twitter account.  Some guy decided to reply to that by calling Timberlake a bandwagon fan.  Justin’s reply was priceless.

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(Photos) NFL: Pacman Jones Tells Twitter Troll “Get My D*ck Out Your Mouth”


Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has really cleaned up his act off the field but he’s still a human being.  As I said before it’s hard to ignore the trolls on Twitter and celebs slip up here and there.  Sunday night after the Bengals game against the Saints, a guy told Jones he couldn’t make the Pro Bowl with missed tackles.  Jones had an answer for that.

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Tyga Gets New Release Date For ‘The Gold Album’


Despite all of the drama with his label, Tyga has gotten a release date for his oft-delayed The Gold Album. The project will be released on December 23, according to T-Raww’s recent tweet. No word on whether it will be distributed through YMCMB, though one can assume so since Birdman said he has zero plans of releasing Tyga from his contract.

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(Photo) #FAIL: Khloe Kardashian Gets Major Back Lash From Latest Instagram Joke!

Khloe Kardashian Gets Major Back Lash From Latest Instagram Joke!

Khloe Kardashian is known for being the Kardashian that is uncensored and actually funny. However, it seems the latest attempt at being ruthlessly funny failed for this sister…
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(Photo) NBA: Former NBA All-Star Thinks Lebron Should Ditch Kyrie For Which Point Guard?


It is still early in the NBA season, but as you might expect people are already jumping to conclusions that they are going to feel totally different about in another month. The Cavs specifically have been the target of harsh criticism due to the big 3 of Lebron, Kyrie Irving & Kevin Love getting off to a slow start with a record of 1-3. Not to mention the locker room drama of a disagreement between Bron & Kyrie and it is easy to see why fans could exaggerate the demise of the team so soon. Former all-star Tracy McGrady has apparently already seen enough and tweeted he thinks Lebron needs to work the Cavs for a trade to ditch Kyrie for another current all star point guard. Hit the jump to see.

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