And Another One: Can You Guess The Name Of Kanye’s New Album With These Initials?

ifwt_Kanye stu

Yesterday morning, Kanye West took to Twitter to reveal that his album name has changed again. This time, he said, it was a “secret,” but he gave no further info. Early this morning, however, he updated us again:

“@studio /final verses /new album title T.L.O.P.,” Ye wrote. “That’s the new album anybody who can figure out the title gets tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys.”

The Last Of Philanthropists? The Lonely Other Peasant? The Little Orphan Panderer? This Legacy, Our Present? Yeah, none of those sound good at all. LOL. We’ll know for sure in just a few days when the album drops on February 11! Let us know your guesses!

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Ab-Soul Is Frustrated With The Delay Of His Music Being Released


Ab-Soul has seemingly had a bit of a strained relationship with TDE in the last couple of years, but his loyalty still hasn’t wavered. If you’ll recall, back in 2014, Soulo had threatened to leak his own album via Twitter, as he was frustrated with not yet getting a release date from TDE’s head honcho, Top Dawg.

That situation was later resolved, but a year later, it seemed to be revisited when Soulo tweeted a Soundcloud link to a song that he said may get him dropped. (It obviously didn’t.) Today, we received a similar rant, as the Carson City rapper is apparently tired of warming up the bench. Check out his tweets in the gallery. Hopefully they resolve this soon!

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And There’s Yet Another Title Update For Kanye’s New Album

ifwt_Kanye West MAIN

About a year ago, Kanye West announced So Help Me God as the title of his upcoming album. Since then, it’s changed to SWISH, then WAVES, and now…there’s just no title at all. And in true Kanye fashion, he appears to be planning something special.

“There may be a new secret album title,” Ye tweeted at 1:30 this morning. And it excited people so much, it got 10,000 RTs in half a second…allegedly. I wasn’t awake to clock the stats, but according to Ye, that’s what happened. He’s also the one who wrongly said that Wiz lost 2 million followers during their “beef,” when he actually gained over 100k, so let’s take these numbers with a grain of salt.

The album is due this Friday, February 11, so we’ll find out the title pretty soon either way!

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(Video+Photos) The Trio That Caused A Social Media Frenzy FINALLY Reveals Which Is The Mom


In yet another example of the old saying, “Black don’t crack,” this popular trio has caused quite a stir. Kayla Mohomes posted a selfie with her twin sister Kyla and their mother, never anticipating what would happen next. People were stunned to see the resemblance of the girls to their mom, a resemblance so strong that no one could tell who which was the mother and which were the daughters. After going viral the ladies still kept quiet about who was mom until now; she also shares how she keeps her youthful glow.

Learn which of the three is the mom after the jump!

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Zola’s Story Is Being Turned Into A Movie, Directed By James Franco


A stripper by the name of Zola shot to Twitter infamy when her tale of tricking and stripping went viral back in the fall. Months later, she’s still capitalizing off of the fame, and the story will now be turned into a movie – directed by none other than James Franco!

The film will be based on David Kushner’s story for Rolling Stone, published in November and titled “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted.”

The script will be written by Neel and Mike Roberts, while Franco and Vince Jolivette are producing through their Rabbit Bandini Productions with Killer Films’ Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa, and Gigi Films’ Gia Walsh and Kara Baker.

Will you be checking for this?!

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Kanye West Changes His Tune About WAVES Album Says It’s “ONE Of The Greatest Albums” Of All Time


After making a bold statement that his forthcoming WAVES album is going to be “the album of life ” during a recent Twitter rant Kanye West is now changing his tune. Last night on Twitter, Ye’ cleared up his statement saying that he intends to pay homage to artists like Marvin Gaye, Q-Tip, Lauryn Hill and Jimi Hendrix as they had made an impact on his life.

Speaking about the WAVES album he said,

this new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of …

WAVES is set for release February 11th. Click the gallery for more.

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(Photo) Just Stop: Man Creates A GoFundMe Page To Buy An Engagement Ring


As a woman, I really can’t think of anything more embarrassing than my man crowdfunding to purchase my engagement ring. However, that’s exactly what a man by the name of Ken Mack tried to do.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Video + Photos) Police After Chief Keef After He Told His Twitter Followers To Vandalize A Home


Hip-hop’s favorite trouble maker, Chief Keef, is once again in trouble with the law after tweeting an address of three college girl’s house on his Twitter and egging on the twittersphere to go vandalize the place. Hit the jump.

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(Video+Photos) Beyonce’s New Feature Ignites Cultural Appropriation Controversy


Coldplay’s newest video ‘Hymn For The Weekend‘ is receiving backlash after some have decided that Beyonce’s costume is an act of cultural appropriation. Others who have seen the video love it and say it was an act of paying homage.

Learn more after the jump!

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A Few Smart Guys Are Making BANK Off Of Kanye & Wiz’s Beef!


The Kanye West vs. Wiz Khalifa beef is proving very profitable – for people who actually have nothing to do with the situation. A t-shirt company by the name of We Own Your Kids (I’m thinking they JUST started this company) has put all of the now-infamous tweets on shirts, specifically the new phrases above. 24 hours later, 80% of the first batch of 500 were sold.

The shirts are selling for $25 each, so these guys are already in $10k. Talk about quick thinking!

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