(Photos) NBA: Female Sportscaster’s Boobs Become The Subject Of Sexist Tweets From Colleagues


While there is no doubt some women in the sports media world use their physical traits to gain an advantage, there are many more women who work in the industry and want their work to do the talking. With that said, those women still face obstacles to being respected the way they should be in the sports world because of old minded male sports analysts that need to get with the times. Women who choose to enter the field of sports broadcasting may have a ways to go before truly earning the respect of their male counterparts, as Chicago sports talk radio hosts Matt Spiegel and Dan Bernstein engaged in a back and forth via Twitter downplaying Chicago Bulls reporter Aiyana Cristal’s professional skills while praising boobs. Aiyana is a very attractive woman, but I am sure she would much rather be complimented on her work! Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NCAA: Kentucky Destroys West Virginia To Remain Undefeated, Then Attack West VA Player On Twitter


Leading up to their Sweet 16 game Thursday night, some West Virginia Mountaineers were vocally confident about their chances against the unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats. The key quote from freshman guard Daxter Miles Jr.: “Salute them to getting to 36-0. But tomorrow they’re gonna be 36-1.” Well, the Wildcats did not let that happen, as they spoke with their play (a dominant 78-39 win) and their tweets. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) Chris Brown Shuts Down Rumors Of A New Girlfriend

Video still from Briona's page with Chris in the club

Just before he took to Twitter to rejoice over FINALLY getting off of probation from his 2009 domestic violence incident, Chris Brown used the social network to do something somewhat out-of-character for him – shut down romance rumors.

While Breezy is always vocal about what’s going on in his life with Karrueche, and always quick to shut a hater down, he typically steers clear of ever mentioning the random women that claim him on the internet left and right, but for whatever reason, a girl by the name of Briona Mae appears to have struck a cord with the X singer.

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(Photos) NBA: Scottie Pippen Really Opens Up About What Happened When Michael Jordan Retired The First Time


When Michael Jordan lost his father to murder after some cowards attacked him during the summer of 1993, he was forced to look at life different and temporarily at least he lost his love of basketball. He announced his retirement and the entire sporting world was shocked. Obviously we all know how the stories ends now with MJ coming back and winning three more titles and solidifying himself as the GOAT. What we didn’t always know was how his teammates felt and what went through their heads. With the 20th anniversary this week of Jordan saying the two magic words of “I’m Back”, Pippen took some time on twitter to open up about those times and give us an inside look to how everyone, including MJ was feeling at the time. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NBA: Another Twitter Troll Tries Damian Lillard & Gets Shut Down In Epic Fashion


If you are going to try and troll Damian Lillard you better be ready for some heat to be fired back your way. Lillard and his Blazers were in Florida, playing in Miami one night and Orlando the next. He took to twitter to compare the two cities and instead someone on twitter tried to compare him to Steph Curry but tried to play him while doing it. Lillard came back by destroying the troll about his teeth being different directions and it was so bad the dude actually changed his Avi to an image with no smile, LMAO! The guy seemed to realize he never should have said anything cause he even tweeted about changing his pic. Lillard has since deleted the exchange. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) 50 Cent Calls Joe Budden A “B*tch” For ‘Power’ Comment; Budden Responds

50 Cent x Joe Budden

Way back in 2004, Joe Budden found himself embroiled in beef with G-Unit (who were on the top of their game at the time,) thanks to a misconstrued bar on a mixtape track called “Cross Country Connection.” The track featured Stack Bundles (RIP), The Game (who was still a part of the Unit at the time) and Joey, and Joey’s verse included the following:

Bang and clap ya, won’t aim it at ya
He should be in a G-Unit vid wit all the gangsta actors

Taking it as a diss, sh*t got a little real, back-and-forth ensued, but the guys would go on to peace it up years later and all was well….until earlier today.

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Twitter User ‘Nichytay’ Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally


Twitter User Exposed For Living Double Life.. Literally. Ah man, here we go again. It seems like every week its always something interesting that happens on twitter. Today it’s the exposure of twitter user “NicheTay” who had two accounts.

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(Photos) Kathy Griffin Quits ‘Fashion Police’

_Kathy Griffin Quits 'Fashion Police'

Kathy Griffin has announced that she has quit ‘Fashion Police.’ Check out her response on Twitter and read more on the story below!

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Kanye West’s Laptop Stolen; Thief Creates Twitter To Taunt Him & Leak Info

ifwt_Kanye West laptop stolen

This could get pretty messy. Kanye West’s laptop has been stolen in Paris, and the alleged thief has already created a Twitter account to taunt Yeezy and co., as well as leak some info.

According to the culprit in question, there will be a Nike x adidas collab happening in 2016. He also tweeted an adidas employee, writing:

.@wex1200 these ideas for 2016 is pretty smart, why does the numbers jump from YZY 3 til 5 though? No 4? Or is this diagram nike collab?

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(Video) The Game and 40 Glocc Trade Shots as Beatdown Case Continues in Court


Time is definitely NOT cooling out either side of the fence on this one! The heat is still on as the lawsuit plays out, and now The Game and 40 Glocc Trade Shots as Beatdown Case Continues in Court!

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