(Photos) NBA: Kevin Mchale’s Wife Goes Off On Kardashian’s, James Harden & Rockets GM After He Was Fired


Clearly Lynn McHale is a ride of die chick, as she had her husbands back after the Houston Rockets fired him as head coach. She took to twitter and blasted just about everyone affiliated with the team, including the Kardashian’s! Unfortunately Lynn’s tweets didn’t stay up for long before she deleted her account all together but of course the screenshots live on forever.

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(Photo) Justin Bieber Writes Heartfelt Message To Friend Lost In Paris Attack


In the wake of last week’s terror attacks in Paris the world continues to mourn the many lives lost. Justin Bieber is one of the many mourning a personal loss of a friend or family member and took to Twitter to express his feelings.

Thomas Ayad, a Mercury Records product manager, was one of the 89 killed during the mass shooting at the Eagles of Death Metal concert. Justin Bieber revealed in his message that he had the opportunity to work with Ayad for 10 years and wished thanked him more often. He advised his fans, “Make sure to appreciate people while you have them.”

Read the full message in the gallery.

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Hodgy Beats Calls Tyler, The Creator A “Fraud”; Tyler Responds

ifwt_Tyler The Creator x Hodgy Beats

Back in May, a series of tweets from Tyler, The Creator seemed to insinuate that the group he’d founded and brought with him to stardom, Odd Future, was no more. Earl Sweatshirt, one of the more notable members of the collective, reacted on the social network a few days later, and seemed to confirm Tyler’s claims.

As Tyler’s 4th annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival went down in Los Angeles this past weekend, Earl was noticeably absent, but Hodgy Beats was there, and he reportedly opened up his set with some words about his former group. He then took things to Twitter after fans hit him up about what he’d said.

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*Sips Tea* Jackée Harry Throwing Shade On Social Media


Well okay then, we see you Mrs. Jackée Harry, clearly someone wasn’t here for the bs today. Mrs. Harry, known for her say-it-like-it-is personality was not playing games on twitter, she gave it to people who try to get at her for being “old” and even just got at some other celebs just because. You have to admit, the way she read these people was actually real hilarious.

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(Photos) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins On Charles Barkley “Tough Guy For The Cameras, Cupcake In Person”


DeMarcus Cousins and Charles Barkley are not the best of friends, no surprise there. In fact, you can go as far as to say they dislike each other . The issue between the two men took another turn last night as Cousins fired shots on twitter after listening to the Chuckster talk on “Inside The NBA”.

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(Photos) Young Thug & Metro Boomin Peace It Up – And Deny A Publicity Stunt

Young Thug x Metro Boomin

After their Twitter jabs turned to real threats, people started getting nervous about the beef between frequent collaborators, Young Thug and Metro Boomin. In the midst of their back-and-forth, however, Thug uploaded a preview of a new video to Instagram…interestingly produced by – you guessed it – Metro Boomin. Turns out, they squashed the beef that quickly!

In a Periscope stream from the video’s director last night, Thug and Metro could be seen joking on FaceTime. The director then added:

“They brothers. Metro and Thug really brothers, they really started out together. You can’t beef with your own brother, you just have your words and that’s it.”

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(Photo) Young Thug Threatens Metro Boomin On Twitter

Young Thug x Metro Boomin

Well, if you were like me and thought this Twitter beef, between producer Metro Boomin and Young Thug would just blow over in a few days, we were wrong. In case you need to catch up, earlier this week Metro Boomin went on a Twitter rant about artists putting out multiple projects at a time, and how they would never be as successful as Future. Well, Young Thug caught wind of the tweets and took them to heart. He proceed to attack Metro in a Twitter rant of his own.

Things turned ugly, when Metro Boomin finally mentioned Thug in a tweet saying that they can meet up in person to resolve their issues and Young Thug responded with a threat!

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(Video) Fam, You Good? Justin Bieber Spazzes Out In A Restaurant


Lately, it’s been looking like Justin Bieber is getting more and more tired of being celebrity; it looks like he can’t even enjoy his life anymore and he’s literally becoming a ticking time bomb, it’s only a matter of time before he explodes… We get to see this time bomb get closer and closer to going off when he just spazzes in this France while he’s getting lunch with a friend outside his hotel.

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(Photos) Jourdan Dunn Calls Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ‘BS’


British model Jourdan Dunn announces that she will not be walking in this years Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and then she calls the show ‘BS’ on twitter.

Read more after the jump to see what she tweeted!

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Lil Wayne Reacts To Police Raiding His Home

Lil Wayne

Last night, Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home was raided by local police, and millions of dollars worth of artwork and plaques were taken to satisfy a $2 million judgement against him he’d yet to pay. The judgement came down in September, stemming from a lawsuit from The Signature Group, who claimed Wayne did not finish paying his 3-year contract with them for leasing their private jets.

Wayne was in Los Angeles at the time, and later took to Twitter with a few somber words on the matter.

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