(Photo) NBA: Atlanta Hawks Troll James Harden, Ask Lil B Not To Curse Them Too And He Responds!


The Atlanta Hawks should be concerned with the Cleveland Cavaliers but their twitter account is currently busy trolling the bearded one, James Harden and begging Lil B for mercy. Surprisingly enough, B actually replied to the Hawks.

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(Photo) NBA: Kobe Bryant Tweets A Riddle About Guarding Steph Curry, Basically Says You Can’t Guard Him


Kobe Bryant has been enjoying the playoffs from home thanks to the Lakers ugly season and his injury but his brain is still in ball mode. He wants to give the Rockets some advice about stopping Steph Curry and it comes in the form of a riddle. James Harden has played excellent for the Rockets, but it’s been Steph and company actually getting the job done and leaving with wins. In Kobe’s mind, there really is no defense for Steph, as he told the Rockets essentially even the things they want Steph to do are still bad for Houston. Check the gallery!

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(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant’s Reaction To The Lakers Getting The Second Pick In The Draft Is Priceless


The Los Angeles Lakers wound up with the second overall pick in the upcoming June NBA draft and they really shouldn’t be complaining.

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(Photos) NFL: Bad Move! Tony Romo Joins Twitter & Gets Destroyed Right Away


Tony Romo joined twitted yesterday and he is probably already considering the idea of deleting his account. All it took was simple tweet that said “9” and the trolls were off and running. Romo had to expect this though and if he didn’t then today he is realizing just how many people hate him.

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Wait, What? Robin Thicke’s Dad Gets Busy To His Son’s Music


Robin’s dad and his stepmom GET BUSY TO HIS MUSIC. Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya Callau opened up to Us Weekly about their sex life, specifically what they listen to when they get busy. See what was said and Robin’s response after the jump!

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(Photos) Chris Brown Speaks Out About The Crazy Woman Who Broke Into His Home!


Chris Brown has recently been the victim of a serious STAN breaking into his home, spray-painting love letters and leaving roses everywhere. He recently took to his Twitter page to address the super creepy situation, explaining that he feels as if the young lady needs help. “To The young woman that broke into my house, I appreciate the dedication as a fan. I pray she gets the help she needs. It’s all love,” Breezy tweeted out.

As an artist, that’s very respectable that he’s being so cool about the situation but as an outsider looking in, she could have turned into a crazy killer or something. How creepy! Imagine coming home after a long week of partying in Vegas to an insane naked woman in your kitchen and “Mrs. Brown” spray-painted everywhere?! NEVER! I think I would have to move like, ASAP. Time will tell if Breezy drops all of the felony charges the CB fanatic received.

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(Photos) #PlusSizeAppreciation Takes Over Twitter


A new Twitter hastag popped up online this week encouraging ladies to embrace and love their bodies. This comes just a couple weeks after plus size model Ashley Graham posed in a campaign running against Protein World’s ‘Are You Beach Body Ready’ ads that featured a extremely skinny model.

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(Photos) Why Did Jaden Smith Delete His Twitter?


Unfortunately, Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, just deleted his twitter. Jaden’s fans and supporters are very disappointed. Jaden usually say’s some pretty cool things on the tweeting app.

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(Photo) Safaree Has Another Upset Ex, Sophia Body That Tells It All


Looks like Sophia Body is the second ex of Safaree to embarrass him on social media.

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(Photos) NFL: Seahawks Bruce Irvin Calls NFL Draft Analysts “Hoes” & “Clowns”


Bruce Irvin was not happy watching the NFL draft last night. He enjoyed seeing the players make that next step, but he was not feeling a couple of the analysts during the night at all. Irvin played college ball at West Virginia and when the slander came for his school and a couple guys from there who were in the draft last night, he let them have it. He tells them to paint their face because they are clowns, and then calls another analyst a “Hoe”.

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