Since getting famous from her “cash me ousside” meme, Danielle Bregoli has been racking up quite a hit list with Soulja Boy being her latest victim.

Frankie Zing

Yesterday the 13 year old viral star tweeted out a simple “fuck you @souljaboy.”

There’s no reason so far as to why she went at Soulja lol but he responded back with “Fuck you too little ugly bitch”

She wasn’t done and it seems like she had this one tucked away for her to say when she responded with: “I MADE MORE MONEY THIS WEEK THAN YOU DID LAST YEAR. GO CUDDLE WITH YOUR DRACO HO @souljaboy”

The SODMG rapper has since been silent and you can peep the tweet exchange in the gallery above. First a beef with the company Champion, the whole Kardashian family, and now Soulja Boy…who’s next for this little terror?