Soulja Boy Accepts Vivica A. Fox’s Apology

Vivica A. Fox

The Vivica A. Fox vs. 50 Cent war all started from a comment that Viv made on Watch What Happens: Live on Sunday night. Unfortunately, it also dragged Soulja Boy in, as she made reference to 50’s 2010 XXL cover alongside Soulja, saying that it looked rather suspect. Of course, Soulja had to defend his name and he jumped in right away, calling the actress washed up, but cooler heads have since prevailed.

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(Photos) 50 Cent Responds To Comments Made By Vivica Fox


Vicvia Fox went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tonight to discuss and shed light on the new season of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta that aired tonight on Bravo. Some how more than the house wives were discussed but she hinted that rapper 50 Cent was gay. Read more after the jump to see what 50 had to say about the comments.

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(Photos) Soulja Boy Responds To Vivica Fox’s Comments On 50 Cent In A Recent Interview

Soulja Boy

Well since Vivica Fox hinted that 50 Cent was gay on Watch What Happens Live Tonight and said that 50 looked like a “booty snatcher” on the throw back XXL cover of him Soulja Boy she most certainly has people talking and giving her the side eye. Look how Soulja Boy responded to her comments after the jump.

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(Video/Photos) Vivica Fox IS Throwing Shade At 50 Cent


Uh oh….looks like Vivica Fox is throwing shade tonight at 50 Cent on Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen. As we all know 50 cent is very opinionated and loves to keep it real no matter what the case may be but Fox has a few words for him about his comments towards the hit Fox show Empire. Read more after the jump.

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(Photos) Some Tea On The Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion!


It’s almost that time for the end of a drama filled season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and even though the reunion haven’t yet aired but it was recorded the other day and you can always count on the cast mates to take to their twitter and Instagram to let us see their outfits and spill a little bit of tea about what went down during the tapping.

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(Photos) Nia Riley Attempts To Justify Her Relationship With Soulja Boy & Fails Terribly


Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have one of the most dysfunctional public relationships that we’ve encountered thus far on Love & Hip-Hop. With that being said, it must be PRETTY BAD because we’ve seen it all on that show.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nia Riley, she is the daughter of Teddy Riley and is an “industry chick” as they call it. She is portrayed on the show as a weak, naive woman who lets her long-time boyfriend Soulja Boy walk all over her. However according to her, that is not the case what-so-ever.

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(Photo) Soulja Boy Releases Apology For Suicidal Snapchat Post


After scaring all of his fans, and most likely his entire family, with a very suicidal message on snapchat Soulja Boy has released a public apology via Instagram. Although very short, the apology touches the fact that dealing with fame is sometimes nuisance and fans forget that their favorite celebrities are human.

Read his apology after the jump!

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(Photos) Soulja Boy Writes Semi-Suicidal Message On SnapChat


Unfortunately for anyone famous and in the lime light, anything they post gets looked at and broken down very closely regardless if it’s that serious or not.

Soulja Boy took to his SnapChat to post a photo of his beautiful backyard along with the view and his pool with a message the says, “I’m going to die soon. I enjoyed my life.”

We’re not quite sure what that exactly means, but it definitely does not sound to good.

Check out the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood reality TV star’s cryptic SnapChat post in the gallery.

Hopefully if he is suicidal in any type of way that he can receive the help he deserves sooner rather than later. Scary!

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(Photos) Soulja Boy And Nia Riley Get Real Cozy In New Photos


Soulja Boy and his girlfriend, Nia Riley, posted pictures on Instagram showing the world that they are still going strong after their relationship is tested early on in season two of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The show is only two episodes into the season and Nia is already dealing with Soulja’s infidelity, this time with her ex-bestfriend/roommate who she introduced to her man a while back.

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(Photos) Soulja Boy Has His Own Sneaker Line Coming Soon

Soulja Boy

Add Soulja Boy to the growing list of celebs with their own shoe line! The rapper/reality star took to Instagram yesterday to show off a few pairs from his upcoming sneaker collection – one of which he’s been teasing for some time now.

The sneakers somewhat resemble Nikes or Supras, but they’re very unique in the sense that their entire bottom lights up! They’re actually kind of cool…but I don’t know if I want to see everyone walking around all lit up all the time. Check out the kicks in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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