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While promoting his song, “Life Matters,” Wyclef spoke on Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. fighting “because all lives matter.” He deleted the tweet after Twitter started coming for him super hard.

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One person tweeted,

Wyclef MLK did not fight because all lives mattered , he fought because black lives dont in the eyes of Amerikkka

Another person tweeted,

Still chuckling at Wyclef putting Martin Luther King Jr & “All Lives Matter” in the same sentence.

One Twitter user decided to @ the artist saying,

@wyclef at 10 sec u included images of a joint Black Youth Project 100 & BLM Detroit direct action. We staunchly fight for BLACK lives. @wyclef it’s odd that u would use footage from an action in support of the Movement 4 Black Lives for a tone deaf, ridiculous, ALM…thing

A visual for the song recently came out in which features footage from a protest in response to the police-involved death of Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones. According to @MissTayAmari and @DriNicole, was used without permission. MissTayAmari says the clip was posed without permission. She took to Twitter to say,

@wyclef Around the 0:12, you feature footage of @DriNicole. She absolutely does not consent to this. Please upload the video without it.

Source: Complex