Fetty Wap is doing more than beating down you block with his catchy singles (singles that have consecutively reached top ten status on the charts). He’s living out his wildest dreams. During a sit down in Dallas, Fetty talks to Billboard about his hopes for his self-titled album. All-in-all, he has none.

“I don’t give a goddamn if the album don’t make it nowhere. I don’t care if I don’t sell 100 copies if all my family bought it,” he expresses. “None of that extra s**t matter to me, bro, as long as I get a chance to live a dream a lot of people didn’t.”

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Despite being humble with his overnight success, the 25-year-old Jersey man admits that in the little time he has worked on his gift, he admits that he had minimal help.

“Nobody can say, ‘If it wasn’t for such-and-such, Fetty Wap wouldn’t have done it.’ I don’t need nobody else.”

Fetty recently posted to his ‘Gram account:

This pic for everybody who ever doubted me … and for everybody who supported me I really thank ya for helpin me be able to pay off 15+ warrants n almost 20k in child support I brought my mom 2 cars n 2 houses I payed back anybody who ever helped me n I still never try to seem better than anyone this not a flex pic this is a picture to show when you do good with your blessing the amount of blessings you receive you won’t have room to hold

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You can stream Fetty’s self-titled album here. September 25th is the official release for the debut. Hit up iTunes to grab your copy.

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