I’m like Marvin Gaye; I wanna know what’s going on! A possible cover art for a Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole joint album is circulating the web.

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When is comes down to J. Cole and Kendrick, the two are known to remain closed-liped about EVERYTHING. Top Dawg [TDE CEO] himself has said to never take anything for face value when it comes down to his camp, which is why we’re questioning the cover art for the possible upcoming joint album between the two emcees.

The black and white cover art, which has the title Reminiscing on it, shows K. Dot and Cole in their current form; while the background shows photos of them in the past.

Check out the gallery for the possible cover art to Reminiscing.

Wishful thinking came from Timbaland a while back with the idea of a trinity album between Cole, Kendrick and Drake. Drake, however, has hopped on What A Time To Be Alive with Future, so that leaves the two hottest right now.

Earlier this year, Kendrick dropped by Hot 97 where he revealed that he was all in; he was just waiting on Cole who has been on tour.

“Yeah, definitely. I still would love to do it,” he said. “I talked to the bro, about a little bit over a month and he’s on the tour rocking. So we’re gonna try and make something happen. They want that.”

Look, I’m ready. I was born ready. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT, fellas.