The two inmates who broke out of a Louisville Metro correctional facility (Kentucky) are back in police custody, according to authorities.

Inmates Caught After Using Bed Sheets To Escape Correctional Facility

Matthew Johnson is in the hospital recovering from injuries he received when he scaled down the side of a building, while Christopher Cornelius is back behind bars.

A nurse, who works close by, saw an inmate climbing down the side of the Community Correctional Center on East Chestnut Street and called Metro Corrections, according to facility Director Mark Bolton.

Metro Corrections said the two inmates tied bed sheets together to make a rope and are now investigating how they obtained the large amount of sheets.

It’s reported Johnson climbed down, and the sheets broke, leaving Cornelius isolated on the roof, where he later faced a subsequent arrest.

The department also said Johnson took off and they received info that he might be in a car driving through Jeffersontown, Kentucky.

Police re-arrested him and arrested the woman in the car with him for assisting in evading the police. In the end, the director issued a warning to any prisoner thinking about an escape: “We’re going to stop you. We’re going to track you. We are going to capture you and we are going to charge you. That’s the message,” Bolton said.

In addition to their original charges, felony escape has been added.

Inmates Caught After Using Bed Sheets To Escape Correctional Facility