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It goes without saying that Texas is a football state. So when they decided to build McLane Stadium on the Brazos river, it was only right that student and fans took tailgating to a new level: Sailgating.

Genny Noel

The idea to build the multi-million dollar stadium on a river was not only expensive, but also very, very cool. According to Sports Illustrated, Mclane is one of three stadiums built on water in the U.S., the others in Washington and Tennessee.

The difference between McLane and its only two competitors is that the entrance for the stadium is only 100 feet away from the water.

Baylor coach, Art Briles commented on sailgating at Mclane and said,

“That’s not something that has existed in this way at any other place. It’s something out there on its own. That’s what makes McLane Stadium and our gameday experience so unique, no one else has what we have. We’re proud of it.”

People can rent boats to use while sailgating, though sources say that some keep it simple and travel via canoe or raft.

The Baylor Bears will play the Texas Tech Raiders on Saturday afternoon on ABC.