NCAA: Florida’s QB Treon Harris Nervously Questions Cops, “Is This Going To Be On ESPN?”


The University of Florida released a slew of documents today regarding the investigation of the sexual battery allegation against freshman quarterback Treon Harris. While the case has been closed and Harris will be starting in the next Gators’ game, the records reveal a nervous Harris concerned about the consequences…Hit the jump for more!

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(Video&Photos) NCAA: Drake Pulls Out His Lint Roller, Shoots Airballs At Kentucky’s Midnight Madness!


Drake likes to root for winning teams and programs, well besides the Raptors, although to be fair they are a pretty decent franchise now. He has been a supporter of coach John Calipari and the University of Kentucky basketball team for some time now and showed them some love at the Midnight Madness opening to the season. Drake was the master of ceremonies and pulled out his old lint brush to start the night and then proceeded to entertain the crowd, but his air-balls he was shooting from three point land may of entertained them just the same. Hopefully he can pick up some skills from the kids on the team. Hit the jump.

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NCAA: WOW, This Former Big Time College Quarterback Says He Was Paid $160,000 For Autographs In One Season


With all the recent talk of college players either being suspended or under investigation for selling autographs this story comes at a great time. Usually I get very annoyed with former college players waiting until their campus life is long behind them to then wanna blow the whistle on something because it usually never affects them, but will affect future players at the school and the program itself. This is different however because it’s more about a situation and double standard, rather than a school itself. Former South Carolina standout Stephen Garcia said he literally pocketed about $160,000 for selling his autographs in college, meanwhile we are suspending kids currently for trying to make a few dollars?

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NCAA: Real Dirty Money – Ball State Football Players Involved In “Poo Dollar” Prank


Three college football players – Darius Conaway, Kennan Noel, Nicholas Isaacs – along with three other friends had been eating out in Muncie, Indiana, where Ball State U is located. One of the guys decided to play the “poo dollar” prank on the waitress. The game consists of literally wiping your a** with a dollar, leaving it covered with feces and a nasty smell. Really bro?! We must do BETTER…Hit the jump for more on this craziness!

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(Photos) NFL: Johnny Manziel Tweets In Support Of Suspended Todd Gurley, Says He Should Get Paid!


Johnny Manziel knows a thing or two about having issues with the NCAA regarding autographs. Manziel was suspended for a game in college while under investigation for selling his autographs while he was still in school. For any normal person that is fine, but with the NCAA, players making money off themselves is a big no-no. Georgia running back Todd Gurley, who is currently a very strong candidate for the Heisman trophy was suspended indefinitely for allegedly selling his autograph for a measly $8-$25 a piece. They won’t even let a college kid live and make a few dollars without trying to ruin his career. Manziel tweeted in defense of Gurley and then explained Gurley should definitely be able to represent his own brand and make money. Hit the jump.

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(PHOTOS) Sports: Sorry Katy Perry, Your QB Crush Already Has A Sexy Girlfriend!

ifwt_katy crush 1

I don’t blame Katy Perry for this crush — I’m sure there’s a lot of ladies that feel the same way!!  Earlier today Katy made an appearance on ESPN’S “College Gameday” & she hit on Oklahoma QB Trevor Knight — she wants him to “call her.”  Well it ends up that we have bad news for the superstar — he already has a girlfriend. #wahhh
I wonder how feels about all the attention he’s getting now — and is there any chance that he will call her?!  I mean she is Katy Perry — A LOT of fellas would just love for her to hit on them!  Stay tuned & check out the pics of his current boo in the meantime…

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(Video) NBA: Lebron James Jr Already Has College Coaches Watching


You can never be too young, if you have talent for some college coach to keep an eye on you way before he should even know you. Of course the situation helps when your father is Lebron James. Lebron James Jr, who is only nine years old is already attracting the attention of Thad Madda, head coach of Ohio State University. Bron already has a connection to the school and it is likely he would of considered going there himself had he not jumped right to the NBA. Bron Jr has some nice skills already and it is fair to assume he is only going to get better from here considering his gene pool. Hit the jump.

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(Video) NCAA: Oregon Gets Upset By Arizona, But They Look Good In These Dope Uniforms


The school that already has the best uniform & jersey game in the country, The University of Oregon, stepped it up another notch last night in odes to Breast Cancer. The #2 ranked Ducks didn’t look so good on the field, losing 31-24 to an un-ranked but tough Arizona team, but all eyes were on their pink & black uniforms. They already get whatever they want from Nike thanks to alumni Phil Knight who just happens to have helped start the company. Each week you never really know what they are gonna be wearing as they run out of the tunnel but no doubt the uni’s from last night were dope & eye catching. Quarterback Marcus Mariota’s Heisman chances took a big hit last night but at least he can know he looked good in defeat. Hit the jump.

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NCAA: UGA’s Heisman Candidate Gurley Falsely Accused Of Assault (Details Below!!!)


Georgia RB Todd Gurley was falsely accused of assault early Sunday morning. The fight had gone down at a local bar near campus. A 20-year old Georgia student claimed Gurley punched him after taking a “selfie” with Todd in the background. Gurley quickly cleared his name with the cops after the incident. Jump on the link for more details…

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NCAA: Aww Noo, Cincinnati Bearcats Walk-On Player Killed In Crash


The NCAA Football team is forced to endure another tragic lost just two days after the one year death anniversary of Ben Flick, former Bearcats’ offensive lineman. The UC freshman running back, Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore, was killed in a motorcycle accident today. Read more on this tragic story…

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