(Video) NCAA: Chris Webber Compares College Athletics to Slavery

IFWT_Chris Webber

Chris Webber believes the feds got it wrong when they shot down an attempt by NCAA players to unionize because he says the organization’s currently being run like a slavery-era plantation.

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(Photos) Could Diddy Lose Ciroc Deal After UCLA Fight?


This definitely has to be stressful for Diddy right now. As we all know Diddy is the brand ambassador for the vodka Ciroc; but after his recent fight with assistant UCLA football coach, Sal Alosi, could his partnership with the brand could be in jeopardy?

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NCAA: There Will Finally Be Some Changes To College Basketball!


It is about damn time. The conversation about changing the rules and make up of NCAA basketball has been going on for some time now but it looks like a new day has finally come. According to reports, the NCAA will finally reduce the shot clock and number of timeouts a team has! Click more to check out the full story!

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(Photos) NCAA: Snoop Designs Cleats For Texas A&M


Snoop has his hand in just about every business business venture these days. Having close ties with collegiate football after his son, Cordell, was recruited by UCLA, Snoop has designed some dope cleats for another squad in Texas A&M. Click more to check out the full story!

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(Photos) Sports: No More Deflated Footballs…Ever?


Even in controversy, Tom Brady somehow still has a significant impact on the game of football; but this impact is for the good of the game. After the chaos that is still surrounding Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and deflated footballs, there may be an easy fix to all of this in the future. Click more to read the full story!

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NBA: NBA Draft Top Prospects

Elon v Duke

A mist the hoopla of the NFL Draft prospects and predictions, let’s not forget the NBA Draft is quickly approaching. Coming off the heels of one of the most exhilarating NCAA Championship games, the list of draft prospects look very appetizing.

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NFL: Ray Rice Returns To Rutgers To Tell Kids About Avoiding Mistakes That He Made


Ray Rice has slowly been winning people over because of his continued effort to be a better person and it seems very genuine. Some people will never forgive him and that’s just life but it’s a reminder of how fast things can change. He was always known as a good guy until he made one mistake and it changed his life forever. Ray was a star at Rutgers and he returned to campus yesterday to talk to the current team and let them know it only takes one second to make a bad choice.

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(Video) Sports: Famous Jameis Says He Never Stole Crab Legs


Former Florida State Seminoles Quarterback and expected number 1 pick in the upcoming NFL draft, “Famous” Jameis Winston, says he never stole the Crab Legs that cost him a one game suspension earlier in the year. Known for having many off the field troubles through out his college career, such as being accused for rape and screaming profanities in the student union, Winston needs all the help he can get in clearing some of the questions weighing on his maturity.

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NFL: Report, Former NFL Player Who Is Currently In Prison Allegedly Murdered Cellmate


Lawerence Phillips was a star college running back and was selected in the first round of the 1996 NFL draft. It sounds like the beginning of a great life. Fast forward to 2015 and Phillips is currently serving a 31 year prison sentence for a slew of different charges. Life obviously did not turn out for him the way most would have expected and now he is the suspect in the murder of his cellmate at Kern Valley State Prison in California.

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Mark Cuban Says ‘Horrible’ College Basketball is Hurting the NBA & Refs Couldn’t Manage a White Castle

IFWT_Mark Cuban 1

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has made it very clear that he is not fond of college basketball.  While some owners prefer the one year rule as it helps develop players for the NBA, other owners prefer the old rule where basketball players can enter the league right out of high school.  Cuban is part of the latter group and he says it’s because of the physical, slow-down style that has become common in the NCAA which results in prospects who are poorly prepared to jump to the NBA.

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