Ahhh, what a time to be alive! It is definitely feeling like Christmas for all of us NBA fans. It has been a couple months since the NBA Finals and with the return of the NBA pre-season, we are getting some glimpses of what the season might bring. As expected, Blake Griffin still has springs in his knees so we can expect lob city to continue on that path–maybe without Blake breaking shot clocks before the game starts! Check the video!


The Clippers have stocked and reloaded their bench and personally, I can not wait to watch and see how well they will play together under Doc Rivers. After having an interesting summer and some “beef” with the Dallas Mavs, LAC was able to retain Center, DeAndre Jordan, and prolific a shooter in Jamal Crawford. They have added a veteran presence with the clutch Paul Pierce and this is perhaps the most equip this squad has been in recent years.

Yesterday, the Clippers went up against the Toronto Raptors after defeating the Denver Nuggets in their first preseason game; however, before the game could tip off, we were able to witness the power that is Blake Griffin. During a routine dunk warm up, Blake swings on the rim to balance getting back on his feet once he touched the court but in the process, he actually breaks the shot clock loose from its position above the rim.

Blake Breaks Shot Clock…

As we saw last season, the Clippers are in a prime situation to be a dominant force in the Western Conference. In heart breaking loss in the Semi-Finals of the Western Conference playoffs, the Clippers definitely look to capitalize and make up for last year in this upcoming season.