Superstitions and jinxes have been part of sports basically since they were invented. Everyone, whether it be a player or fan thinks doing something particular, or in this case NOT doing something particular, can have an outcome on a game. When the Seahawks started the season 0-2, social media essentially blamed it on Ciara, saying she was a jinx, while others playfully blamed the lack of sex in their relationship. Ciara spoke on how she felt about the jinx nonsense with Rolling Stone.


Personally, I don’t buy into superstitions in sports at all. The outcome is gonna be what it’s gonna be but not because of some routine or alleged jinx.

The Seahawks started 0-2 because they played like crap, not because of Ciara. They have now won two games in a row, although they received a win over the Lions that they didn’t deserve but nonetheless, they are 2-2. Perhaps the jinx comments about Cici will stop now but she spoke about it anyway.

“You know what? It comes with territory. I think that this is a job; I wake up every day doing exactly what I love and what I dreamed of. So the best thing to do is focus on that,” she says. “You also realize when people say negative things about you [that] you’re still living your dream. When people say those types of comments, you know, that’s silly. It’s clearly silly.”

In fact, Ciara has gotten used to strangers dissecting every aspect of her relationship with Wilson – and she’s willing to let most of it slide. But when it came to the Curse, Ciara was calling B.S.

“It’s happened to people in our world, it’s not a new thing when people say things – it comes with the territory,” she says. “I choose to focus on the positive and focus on the cool things that are truly happening. That’s how I live my life, and I have to say life is good. Clearly those things don’t make any sense.”