We jus reported about Dej Loafs new found romance with Chicago rapper Lil Durk’s, but turns out it may all be a hoax! Deja Loaf’s girlfriend, yes GIRLFRIEND, has come forward to say she and the “Try Me” rapper were just together over the weekend. From the looks of things, she may be telling the truth . . .

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Angela Speights, who has been in question for a while about her relationship with Dej Loaf, has finally come forward to say that they are together and Lil Durk is not a factor. This news comes right after the two had what appears to be a verbal quarrel on Instagram. Speight shared a post that insinuates some fakes floating around:

I guess the new thing now is to fake it until you make it. Fake what you got. Fake who you in love with. Fake your character. Fake your pride. Fake what you believe in because of what others might perceive you as. I just can’t go out like that. I can only be me. Not hiding sh*t.

Shortly after Dej Loaf took to social media in what seems a lot like a response…hmmm

They’ll be so quick to say you’ve changed, when it’s really them who aren’t growing.

Looks like the red haired beauty is upset about something and it may be Dej Loaf’s new relationship with Lil Durk that has been taking over the hip hop blogs. In an interview she had this to say about Dej’s alleged romance with Chicago’s own Lil Durk,

They’re not together they’re not a couple,” Speights told BOSSIP when asked about Dej’s relationship with Durk. “They don’t f**k around at all. I think they’re trying to make it seem like they’re together. I don’t know what it is but it’s fake.

Loaf and Speight met back in their hometown, Detroit, and have been friends for years. It wasn’t until last year that they made it official and began exclusively dating.

I don’t regret our relationship at all. I just wish I… How can I say this? I feel like it was never put out there or came out of my mouth but it was obvious we were dating, it wasn’t a secret. I was with her every day, for every appearance, every performance, every time she was on set.

According to Speights, the pair broke up in March due to “infidelities,” Dej cheated on her with her stylist, and after a few months apart Dej reached out to reconcile. I guess the reconciliation was short lived being as though the couple just got into a low key quarrel on Instagram.

Not sure what exactly is going on but something seems a little fishy. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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