It seems like Toronto has some beef bubbling. OVO artist P Reign called out Canadian rapper Tory Lanez on Instagram before quickly deleting his post. See the what he had to say after the jump.

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Reign wrote on an Instagram post next to a picture of Tory Lanez wearing a few bead necklaces.

Hey!! Kid with all the beads on. Behave yourself before I really have to remind people your from Brampton. N*ggaz let this rap shit gas them.

The shots from Reign is a response to a tweet Tory Lanez made (and, also, quickly deleted) a few days ago. “This whole calling Toronto the ‘6’ thing .. It’s not cool bro,” wrote Lanez. Though Lanez deleted that tweet.

He then responded with this tweet:

Hopefully this doesn’t escalate, so they both can get back in the studio and make some good music.

Go to the gallery to see P Reign’s Instagram post, and Tory Lanez’s controversial tweet.