If you weren’t a fan of Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams before, it will be hard for you to not be a fan after reading this. Williams, who lost his mother and four aunt’s to breast cancer, petitioned the NFL to wear pink all season, instead of just during October. The NFL, the low lives that they are, denied his request because they don’t want players getting any attention for parts of their uniform that the league can’t make money off of. Williams found his own way to play a bigger role in fighting breast cancer anyway.


Williams was upset when the NFL denied his request. “The same way it made you feel after you heard it — like, man,” he said according to ESPN. “He told me no. I’m assuming they are telling everybody else no as well. … It wasn’t about selling it. You know and I know and everybody else knows before I made the phone call.”

Williams started a foundation last year to help fight the cancer and he paid for 53 mammograms at that time too. He took to twitter to explain in more detail why he does what he does.

“In 2014, my foundation launched “53 strong for Sandra”, an event in which we partnered with Charlotte Radiology and Levine cancer center institute to provide free mammograms and follow up care for 53 women in Charlotte. 53 is a significant number because that is how old my mom was when she lost her battle to breast cancer. I am proud to announce that this year we will extend the event to Pittsburgh and Memphis in addition to Charlotte”

In case you are wondering, Williams with with the Carolina Panthers last year which is why there is so much emphasis on Charlotte. He is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers and he went to college at Memphis, which explains why he chose the cities he did.

This is another example of how the NFL just refuses to get it! They continuously put fiances over everything and want to control their players unlike any other sports organization. Thankfully Williams was determined to make a difference no matter what!