The classic man himself covers Parallel Magazine looking like royalty straight from a movie screen, making him the first to cover Parallel Magazine’s ‘special edition’ issue.

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Parallel Magazine is a publication that highlights Africans and innovative individuals from around the world who are seeking to contribute to the growth of the continent of Africa.

Jidenna, known for his always dapper attire, is styled in a fitted uniform adorned with metals and gold detailing for the issue that titled him “General Jidenna” which is very befitting of him; he is the son of a chief. Here’s how they described him:

The son of a Nigerian chief and an American anthropologist, Jidenna Mobisson is an East Flatbush, Brooklyn-based lyrical genius, and a thought leader with magnetism to spare. His worldly origins birthed the groundbreaking genre Swank, a classy and funky take on hip-hop that transfigures ordinary parties into sweaty soirées.

Mostly known for his hit single, “Classic Man,” Jidenna has in the space of a year accomplished more than most artists could in a career. With his distinct sartorial, and beaming aesthetics, he has created a sphere where his artistic facets (music, fashion, culture) can co-exist in harmony.

Each an essential piece of the fabric that makes up the artist known as Jidenna. His uniqueness and innate ingenuity has broadened the artistic range of the hip-hop genre.

This issue is the very first of the magazine’s special edition issues and we must say, they really outdid themselves! Can’t wait to see more shoots like this!

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Source: Bossip