Back to future predicted a lot of dope things for 2015 like the Chicago Cubs winning the world series & like the release of the 2015 Nike Air Mag with self lacing system what Back To The Future forgot to predict was the disappoints that came along with those predictions with that being said here is a look at Micheal J Foxx rocking the Nike Air Mag with auto lacing system the good news they are releasing the bad news is they are releasing sometime during the spring of 2016 which is disappointing because it would of been dope to see them drop today being that today is the actual date that was portrayed in back to the future. 2016 isn’t even here yet and we can deff tell you that this will be the biggest release of 2016 hands down. Peep The Gallery To See Micheal J fox rocking the Nike Air Mag With Auto lacing System After The Jump….

Written By: Sayitwityakickz