Honor to those that lay their lives on the line to serve, especially those officers who also lost their lives in the line of duty this year as well. New York City police officer, Randolph Holder, was shot Tuesday night during a response call to reports of a gunman in East Harlem, passing away a few hours after. While chasing the suspect on accounts of an armed robbery of a, Holder along side his partner were in plainclothes only to unexpectedly get caught in the crossfire of the incident, Read more on his last hours.

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Officer Randolph Holder, 33, was a native of Guyana, the son and grandson of police officers. and his partner both were in casual clothing to keep their identity on the undercover when they received a responding report that a victim had their bike completely jacked with no hesitation. It was in that same instance, the pair – part of a unit that works in the city’s housing developments – had informed the two they were on hot pursuit for not one but more than one and lead to gunfire exchanges; all in this one instant. Shot in the head during the altercation, Holder was taken to the hospital where he died shortly after being admitted. Police have identified Tyrone Howard, 30, as a suspect in the killing of NYPD officer Randolph Howard during the gunbattle. Holder did what every NYPD officer does, respond to the call of danger; may he rest in peace as although this may have been his last call, his impact will ring forever.

Source:USA Today