Funk Flex Blasts NYPD Cops For Allegedly Raping Handcuffed Girl In Police Van

NYPD cops Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are being indicted for allegedly raping a young, handcuffed girl in their police van at a Brooklyn Chipotle parking lot. Funk Flex decided to put the officers on blast during his Saturday night show. In case you missed the rant, you can check it out after the jump.

NYPD Officer Who Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl Gets Sentenced To 3 Years

12-year-veteran, Vladimir Krull, of the Midtown North Precinct has been sentenced to 3 years after he raped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl. The three attacks took place in 2013 and 2014. Three years came from a year for each attack.

(Video) NYPD Officers Tase A Pregnant Woman For Demanding A Warrant To Enter Her Apartment

After refusing to let the NYPD into her home, a 17-year-old pregnant teen was tased. Police were responding to a fight between the girl’s boyfriend and her sister’s boyfriend over a video game.

ALL NYPD Officers Will Soon Have Body Cameras

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that the NYPD will be investing heavily in body cameras over the next two years, and the entire force will have them by 2019’s end. This is quite an expense, with the cost being worth up to a quarter of a billion dollars over 14 years, but de Blasio says contributions are coming from both sides. The official policy draft for the cameras isn’t available yet, but last summer, a draft policy that circulated had some interesting stipulations. Per The Verge:

(Video) NYPD Raids The Wrong Home And Posts A Photo Of The Handcuffed Family On Snapchat

NYPD officers are now being investigated after they raided a home searching for a suspect and ended up raiding the wrong home. The officer then took a photo via Snapchat and posted it with the caption “Merry Christmas, its NYPD.” It took the officers three hours to realize they had the wrong home.

Federal Prosecutors Move To Charge NYPD Cop Responsible For Eric Garner’s Death

NYPD cop Daniel Pantaleo got away with no charges initially for the death of Eric Garner in 2014, but karma is about to come back around. Washington-based federal prosecutors plan to “aggressively pursue” charges against Pantaleo, and NYPD feds are pissed. “Washington wants to indict him,” a source said, adding that federal investigators in Brooklyn were replaced by DC feds because of their reluctance to bring charges. They noted NY feds are upset, and are accussing the DC feds of trying to “make an example out of Pantaleo” at any cost.

Elderly Woman Killed After Attacking Police With Bat; NYPD Wondering Why Officer Did Not Use A Taser

An NYPD Sergeant killed a 66-year-old woman after she attacked him with a bat in the Bronx Tuesday. Officers are now trying to figure out why the man used a gun and not his taser. A neighbor called police after Deborah Danner was reportedly acting in a “irrational manner.”

(Video) NYPD Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man In Road Rage Incident Has Been Charged With Second Degree Murder

Finally, a little bit of justice in this crazy imbalance with cops killing innocent civilians! An NYPD officer has now been charged with second degree murder, after shooting an unarmed black man during a road rage incident while he was NOT on duty on the 4th of July.

(Video) WOW: Man Is Shot After He Attacks NYPD Officer With A Meat Cleaver!

It’s not everyday that you see someone attacking a police officer with a meat cleaver, a man in New York was shot by officers after he sliced an officer in the face. Hit the jump to see the footage.

Bobby Shmurda Dismisses False Arrest Lawsuit Against NYPD

Bobby Shmurda filed a lawsuit against the NYPD shortly after he was arrested on multiple charges in 2014, accusing police of falsely arresting him. He alleged that he was targeted because of his anti-police music, and the arresting officers had a vendetta against him for a run-in from the year prior. He added that they lied about what went down and neither the gun or drugs found were his.

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