(Video) NYPD Police Officer Murdered With Headshot

Honor to those that lay their lives on the line to serve, especially those officers who also lost their lives in the line of duty this year as well. New York City police officer, Randolph Holder, was shot Tuesday night during a response call to reports of a gunman in East Harlem, passing away a few hours after. While chasing the suspect on accounts of an armed robbery of a, Holder along side his partner were in plainclothes only to unexpectedly get caught in the crossfire of the incident, Read more on his last hours.

Another Day, Another Country That Doesn’t Want Chris Brown

Chris Brown might have made up with Rihanna and been getting his success back, but that doesn’t mean every country is going to want something to do with him. He’s already been protested in Sweden and remember how a London store was selling his album? Well now Breezy is having another issue with another country! He was supposed to headline a show on December 26, but local protests has pushed the concert organizers to cut him from the show. Women groups and more have said that he’s not allowed in the country following his 2009 incident with Rihanna. Find out which country it is below. Julie A.

What Would Drive Chris Brown To Back Out Of Concert !?!?

I swear this guy is crazy. He knows that he needs all the shows he can get, but yet and still he backed out. According to the promoter, CB is suppose to headline the show, “Unforgettable II” on December 26th and backed out because of some anti-domestic violence protesters that didn’t want him to perform in Guyana. Chris’s rep told E! that the promoter was lying. The real reason he backed out was because nothing was ever confirmed. Yeah, sure! Drop down bottom to see what’s going on. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) A Glimpse At Rick Ross’ Trip To Guyana

Rick Ross brought along cameras for his trip to Guyana a few weeks ago. Rozay travels through the South American country before performing at Jamzone Summer Break. Check out footage from his trip below. Julie A.

(Video) Rick Ross Performs Live In Guyana!

Rick Ross recently performed in Guyana at their National Stadium. He opened up with “Ima Boss”, then performed “Hold Me Back”, “John”, “Chopper In The Car” and “I’m On One.” Click below to watch the video. Melissa Nash

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