In 1963, Alfred Hitchcock released a movie titled “Birds”, and I remember being terrified of the possibly of an attack from birds. Just imagine the clear blue sky suddenly forming into an ominious dark cloud of aggressive endothermic vertebrates aiming to attack! Well in Dallas, people almost experienced an analogous situation. But, it’s bees this time !

1,000 Bees Delay American Airlines In Dallas/ Fort Worth

1,000 ticketless, unwanted passengers attempted to board an American Airlines flight in Texas. It caused a serious commotion in the cabin that delayed the plane for more than an hour.

“We had an issue at D/FW with a swarm of bees yesterday afternoon, not once, but twice,” American spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said.

According to Huguely: The American Airline jet landed at D/FW Airport from Las Vegas and when the fleet services crew began unloading baggage and gear from it they noticed a swarm of bees under one of the wings. They immediately stopped unloading the plane.

The pilot said a queen bee had flown into the airliner’s wing while it was waiting to depart Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

“We called a bee keeper out to deal with the situation,” Huguely said. “He captured the queen and the swarm and we finished unloading.”

Interestingly, soon after the bee keeper left, the swarm returned to the same plane, which was being loaded for Frankfurt, Germany, Huguely said. So, American Airlines called back the bee keeper, who recaptured the swarm and the crew was able to finish loading the plane.

1,000 Bees Delay American Airlines In Dallas/ Fort Worth