DMX Album is Really Happening...For Real

As most of us know DMX has had many run in’s with the law due to unpaid child support but now the rapper is saying that it’s not his fault. Read more after the jump to see who is the blame for his unpaid child support.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Well DMX is blaming former manager for his child support drama. He has claimed to give his former manager responsibility to handle is monthly child support payments and has not done so. According to the rapper he says as far as he was concerned everything was handled. Obviously it was not taken care of and obviously he should just take responsibility for why his child support has not been paid! The rapper was released from jail without bail.

According to TMZ, his business manager dropped the ball on making the payment happen which resulted in X’s recent arrests for non-payment. His ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, mother of four out of X’s twelve children isn’t worried about who was supposed to get her the money as long has she gets that 10k she’ll be happy. He is scheduled to appear in court November 18th to get to the bottom of this issue. The judge warned him that if he did not show up, things will not work in his favor. Besides all the child support drama he supposedly has a new album coming out soon.

Source: The Boom Box HNGN