The NFL is a league full of hypocritical scumbags and when I say that I am referring to the front office people, not the players. Well in this case Greg Hardy definitely fits that description as well, but this is just as much about the league as it is about him. Pictures of the brutal assault Hardy launched on his ex-girlfriend have been made public thanks to Deadspin.


Hardy was convicted by a judge of assaulting Nicole Holder but since North Carolina is one of many states with stupid ass laws, Hardy was able to appeal directly to a jury instead, who overturned the verdict. It was an easy verdict to overturn considering it was common knowledge Hardy had paid off his ex to make sure she disappeared when the prosecution needed her to testify.

Hardy had to sit out basically the entire 2014 season while with the Panthers but he collected all of his money. The NFL decided a 10 game suspension was in order for this year, which is a joke itself but then the bigger joke became the fact he got his suspension down to 4 games, the same amount of games they wanted to suspend Tom Brady for allegedly deflated footballs. Do you think those two “crimes” are on par with each other?? HELL NO!!

Hardy did much worse to Holder than let’s say Ray Rice did to his now wife, Janay but the NFL did all it could to basically distance itself from Rice and he still never found a job in the league again and at this point, never will. Meanwhile Hardy is on the field and has never showed a single sign of any remorse. The fact that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks of him like a God doesn’t do anything to make this fool realize what he has done.

Since Hardy already served his suspension there is really nothing the NFL can do. The Cowboys could step up and do the right thing and cut him and get his ass outta the league but then you would have to assume Jones has a conscious, which he does not. Even more gruesome is the fact the NFL saw this photos back when the case was still open and decided Hardy was still a fit to be in the league.

After seeing some of these photos you will also wonder how the hell is he still a pro football player.