Howard University student is now homeless after holding a side door open to let other fellow students into his residence hall, which happens to be a violation of school policy. Jawanza Ingram is a sophomore at Howard University and he said he is homeless because he wanted to give his friend a surprise birthday party. Read more after the jump to see what Ingram had to say as well as Howard University representative.

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Looks like a Howard University student Jawanza Ingram is in quite a bit of trouble with school official’s after violating a residence hall policy. Ingram let in students in through a side door to throw his friend a surprise party on November 2nd around 11:45PM. Shortly after the party the students left the residence hall and that same day Ingram was issued a letter saying that he will not longer be able to live on campus and immediately reached out to several news sources and social media to get the word out about his dilemma.

Howard University did not give many details about the incident, but a spokesperson for the school released the following statement:

“Maintaining a safe and secure campus is a top priority at Howard University. The Howard University Code of Conduct and Residence Hall Manual provide detailed information regarding proper conduct for students while on campus, including in our residence halls. University policies are enforced to help ensure the safety and security of everyone on our campus. Any violation of Howard University policies is taken seriously, investigated, and appropriate action is taken to mitigate risks.”

Ingram has stated that he has no family in the area. He said he has tried to appeal this, but wasn’t getting a response from admin so he took his issue to social media using the hashtag #HomelessAtHoward. Do you think that Howard has taken this situation a little to far?

Source: WUSA9