Alfonso Ribeiro is well known for his role as Carlton Banks in the 90’s hit tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but since then has become one of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars champions and through such a successful stint so many doors has opened for him as in addition to such a recent success he has spent more than 30 years entertaining us with his memorable work in the worlds of television, theater and beyond. One the most recent W’s Ribeiro has obtained is becoming the new host of America’s Funniest Home Videos in which means he’s doing countless press runs for the show, so you know he had to talk about the chances of the hit 90’s show getting a reboot.

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With the recent media outpour back on Alfonso Ribeiro’s career coming off the impressive win he achieved from competing against numerous contestants on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, he has nabbed the spot as America’s Funniest Home Video host and plans to not only capitalize on his new found success but to revamp the show even more to make it more relatable with today’s generation of social media and technology for it’s 26th season. EUR was able to sit down with Alfonso recently ahead of time before he opened this new season of AFV to find out not only about his different approach to the show but more about this supposed chance of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot. In the interview they asked him about his involvement in this speculation and if he thinks there should be a reboot, to that he discussed it by saying:

I’m not involved with it in any way, (and) I don’t have any real information on it. My position on it is, we stopped filming The Fresh Prince of Bel Air because we felt like we could no longer make great episodes, so we stopped. I’m not a big fan of making TV show reboots. I feel like, why don’t we just make a new show and not call it The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Simply because, without James Avery, you have no Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was the backbone of that show. Since his passing, there’s simply no reason to do it. Let’s let great creativity of the past remain just there.

Interesting, I guess he’s not really here for the chance of bring the show back to the small screen, especially with the passing of James Avery (Uncle Phil on the show). He then went on to describe his take on whether AFV needs revamping and how he will be on show itself, which is ABC’s longest primetime show still running on air. He goes further to say:

My approach is, just be me, (and) I don’t really try to over think it. I walk out on stage and I just talk. I try not to put on a character or be someone else. I get to do that when I’m acting, so why not be able to just walk out on a stage and just be yourself. And that’s what I do. I’m not afraid of the moment. I think where the big difference is-is that actors, especially film actors, they perform in a room with a camera, and it’s quiet and there’s no movement and nothing’s going on and they’re in their own head focused. As a host, you’re simply in front of crowds of people, and you’re not doing anything or aware of or affected by them. You’re simply in the moment, and that’s what I do. I’m just in the moment and I enjoy being there… [also in terms of the show’s format] We’re staying pretty close to its proven format. We’re certainly not trying to make adjustments. Obviously, as shows move through time, there’s always going to be small adjustments made to continue to develop the show and keep it fresh and keep it new, so we’re always doing that. But the basic format of the show is going to remain the same. It works. My parents said it, my grandparents said it and I’ll say it after them – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! We’re not trying to fix something that’s not broke.

So don’t expect too much in the format to change but expect Alfonso Ribeiero’s lively energy to get you pumped out of your seats, at least that’s a safe promise because one’s things for sure he has a very likable personality. Although could be a bummer to some that the Fresh Prince wouldn’t come back (at least not anytime soon), but I know some of you are thanking the heavens it isn’t. What side are you on, reboot or no reboot?

In fact for this season of AFV he’s asking people to do his hit dance move “The Carlton” on Vine so you have a chance to be on the show with him one of the nights it airs: