I think we can all take a lesson from this beautiful family. A few years ago the split of Torrei & Kevin Hart caught the world by surprise. Now 5 years later they stand together with both of their new lovers by their side to celebrate the birthday of their son Hendrix. Check out the pictures of the Happy Family!

The bigger picture is what they obviously focused on, as that was one of the hashtags under Kevin Harts family photo. Just this year everyone had something to say about Kevin Hart buying Torrei a new Escalade. As the father of two children, I think that was a very nice gesture as a father, but haters couldn’t wait to come for his new fiance Eniko Parrish. To their surprise Eniko & Torrei made peace with each other and are more than cordial .

Everyone can learn from this and see in fact, that when children are involved you should focus on the bigger picture. Relationships don’t last but family is forever, and lucky for Hendrix Hart and his sister they can count on their dad Kevin Hart, fiance Eniko, Mother Torrei and her new love.

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