Lawmakers in New Jersey will consider legislation to legalize marijuana. The hearing will entertain the idea on November 16th. Hit the jump to find out what to expect.

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Yesterday, Democratic state Senator Nicholas Scutari announced the news. Scutari sponsored a bill to legalize pot in his state; his bill includes taxing and regulating the substance. New Jersey will listen to the opinions of many backgrounds. Everyone from priests to health professionals to even law enforcement will offer their points of view.

Seeing that states nearby New Jersey already legalized marijuana, mostly for medial use, it seems promising that the legislature will pass. Meanwhile, with Chris Christie running for president, the decision made on this issue in his home state could hold preemptive clues to Christie’s presidential plan- should he win.

The 50 pounds of pot mailed to the wrong NJ address a few days ago may have inspired Scutari to seek marijuana regulation, and definitely aided getting the bill to the public.

Source: News 12