(Video) Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt

Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee

Now if all your friends jumped off a bridge…matter fact if they all tried to…swallow turkey slices??? Since exploding on the net Doctors Warn About Viral Turkey Slurpee Stunt and are urging people past the video’s half-hearted claim of “do not try this at home,” –do not try this EVER…due to the more than possible side effect of, well, DEATH!!!

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(Video) Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee…Seriously!

Can't Sleep? Drink This Coffee

Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee…seriously! Husband invents “Counting Sheep Coffee” for his wife and turns it into a lucrative business venture. Flip the script and try ending your day with it…if you Can’t Sleep? Drink This Coffee.

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(Video) New York “Real Housewife” Creates Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana

Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana

Have you been worried about how to get high, “so high that you can touch the sky” but equally as worried about your waistline and workout regimen? Well there’s a hustler for that…successful entrepreneur and New York “Real Housewife” Creates Munchie-Free Skinnygirl Marijuana after selling Skinnygirl cocktails label for $120 million. Somebody’s bout to ‘cake’ up!

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(Photo) Bravo Star Greg Plitt Dies After being Struck By A Train


Greg Plitt Dies
Fitness instructor Greg Plitt who appeared on the Bravo show “Work Out” died Saturday after he was struck by a train ! CLICK READ MORE FORR PICTURES AND DETAILS !

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(Scary) Man Awakens After 12 Years And Says He Was Aware Of Everything


Man Awakens After 12 Years And Says He Was Aware Of Everything. It was back in the 1980’s when the doctors told Martin that he had Cryptococci Meningitis which is a fatal fungal disease.

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Iggy Azalea Diagnosed With TMJ Disorder (aka Lock-Jaw)

Iggy Azalea

Someone has been having a little too much fun in the bedroom with her baller boo, huh?! Just kidding! …maybe. Iggy Azalea has been diagnosed with lock jaw, a painful condition professionally known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD/TMJ.) The exact cause of TMJ/TMD is unknown, but a few possible culprits could be injury to the jaw, vigorous oral activity (mm-hmm!) grinding/clenching teeth, arthritis in the joint or stress. Being an entertainer who’s constantly under scrutiny is rather stressful, so it’s certainly possible that it’s the latter.

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(Video) This Two Legged Uncomfortable Chair Will Make You Healthier !


This Two Legged Uncomfortable Chair Will Make You Healthier
The World is Full of very strange and oddly uncomftable life hacks , from standing desks to mobile alarm Clocks , This new invention is meant to make you health ,Click READ MORE to check out a video on about this new chair

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Jada Pinkett-Smith Bares All In Shape Magazine


Jada Pinkett-Smith Bares All In Shape Magazine. The “Gotham” actress covers the new issue an the 43 year old is Smokin hot. She opens up about her work out regiment and her gorgeous husband will smith. Jada told Shape magazine that she works out. because she loves how her husband of almost 20 years is still fascinated by her.However the number one reason she works out is because it’s invigorating.She says working out keep her sane and has helped her maintain her marriage.The “Set it Off” actress also dishes about her husband Will Smith stimulating her mentally and spiritually she says it’s like fore play. More about fore play after the jump.

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(Photos) Kelly Rowland Shows Post-Baby Weight Loss


Kelly Rowland Shows Post-Baby Weight Loss. Ladies let Kelly be your “Motivation”. Kelly Rowland looks great; it’s been less than two months since she and husband/manager,Tim Witherspoon welcomed their son Titan. “The Kisses Down Low” singer has been working out consistently throughout her pregnancy.They say it helps your body snap back into place after child birth. Kelly was all smiles doing some shopping in Los Angles. It’s nice to see her happy about motherhood, so much has happened since the birthing of baby Titan. Kelly’s biological mother passed away a few weeks ago. Literally three weeks after she gave birth, but she is a survivor and we know she going to make it through this tough time. Detail below

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(Photos) Feliz Natal Para Brazil

ifwt_ Brazil3

Feliz Natal Para Brazil!… Translation Merry Christmas for Brazil I hope you enjoy the first present we unwrapped for you. Thick fitness model Eva Andressa Vieira. The Brazilian Fitness model is spreading some holiday cheer in her new Holiday photo shoot.Just remember who introduced the Brazilian babe to you first.

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